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‘I’m Done Taking His S—t’: Furious Phil Mickelson Stoops to ‘Low Level’ to Take On Unchallenged Golf Rival

Published 05/27/2023, 2:38 PM EDT

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In the world of golf, tensions are reaching a boiling point as renowned golfer Phil Mickelson found himself at the center of a raging storm. With the highly anticipated LIV Golf Tournament just days away, Mickelson’s emotions have reached a fever pitch due to accusations related to LIV Golf that have left him seething with anger.

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The usually composed and mild-mannered golfer is now making it abundantly clear that he will no longer tolerate what he perceives as wrongdoing.

The brewing Twitter storm with Phil Mickelson


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This outburst of fury was ignited by a recent tweet from Mickelson, where he voiced his frustrations with Brandel Chamblee, a prominent figure in golf media. Mickelson’s tweet accused Chamblee of tearing everyone apart from the safety of his Golf Channel set without facing any challenges in return.

Phil Mickelson recently tweeted, Brandel sits on his golf channel set tearing everyone apart with no one challenging him. I’m done taking his $h!t quietly. I know it’s stooping to his low level but the 37th personal attack is the last one without responding. Maybe Eamon lynch can come to his defense again.”


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Mickelson expressed his exasperation, declaring that he is done silently enduring Chamblee’s attacks. While acknowledging that stooping to his opponent’s level may not be ideal, Mickelson emphasized that he cannot let the 37th personal attack go unanswered. He even sarcastically suggested that Eamon Lynch, a fellow golf journalist, could come to Chamblee’s defense once again.

This tweet has set off a chain reaction, intensifying an ongoing battle that has been raging for the past year. The debate revolves around the merits of LIV Golf, its impact on the PGA Tour, and the alleged hidden motivations behind various decisions. The clash involves not only Mickelson and Chamblee but also Claude Harmon, the coach of golfer Brooks Koepka, and the media at large. Social media platforms, particularly Twitter, have become the battleground where these golf personalities spar, with each tweet adding fuel to the fiery exchanges.

As the war of words escalates, Mickelson’s unexpected participation in the online discourse has caught the attention of the golfing world. Known for his reluctance to delve into the controversies surrounding the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, Mickelson has now broken his silence, challenging Chamblee’s viewpoints and highlighting what he perceives as contradictions in the media’s coverage.

Implications for Golf’s future: Debates and controversies

The Twitter feud between Mickelson and Chamblee has taken a personal turn, leading both parties to block each other on the platform. The escalating animosity between them unveils their true colors and raises questions about their ability to handle criticism and engage in meaningful debate.


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Amidst the drama and personal vendettas, golf fans are left wondering about the implications of these clashes for the future of the sport. Will these debates bring about a deeper understanding and progress, or will they only serve to fuel more controversy and division?

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With the LIV Golf Tournament on the horizon, all eyes are now on Phil Mickelson. As he prepares to step onto the course, his fiery determination and resolve will undoubtedly shape the narrative surrounding the tournament. The world of golf eagerly awaits the unfolding drama, uncertain of the ultimate outcome and how these debates will impact the sport moving forward.

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