In a Spine Chilling Wild Encounter on the Course, a Local Golfer’s Nightmare Pushes Fans to Invoke the Lion King- ‘Mufasa Help’

Published 09/09/2023, 7:35 AM EDT

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A golf course is quite an interesting place. It is clean, away from the noise of the city, and well-maintained. A professional golfer or an enthusiast visits it to play and relax. The sport itself is a favorite for retired individuals. But what happens when an unexpected and uninvited guest shows up?

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Earlier, a swan attacked a Georgian man because he was in its habitat. The swan was a resident of a pond close to the ninth hole, and it did not stop until he got the man out of the fairway. Another non-human is stalking a man on the course now and it makes us wonder if they confuse the greens for the forest.

A fellow golfer found an unexpected caddie


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Sitting un-fenced next to a wildlife sanctuary in Kruger National Park, South Africa’s Skukuza Golf Club might be one of its own kind. It is regarded as one of the wildest courses in the world due to the regular sighting of large critters on the property.

Local enthusiast Neil Whyte became a part of this wild experience. He shared a video of himself and a hyena walking behind him, following him casually. Perhaps the people are immune to such instances in the area because Whyte has enough guts in him to make a joke. “Got a new caddie on the golf course,” he said.


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The enthusiast stopped walking at one point, but the hyena did not. It came awfully close to the golfer and stood behind him until he started walking again.

While Whyte’s heavy breathing is perfectly audible in the video, the smile on his face makes this scary incident scarier. The local golfer chose to smile through the situation in a myriad of possibilities. The video’s caption on Twitter asks, “What’s your move if a hyena is stalking you on the golf course?”

Other creatures like hippos, impalas, warthogs, and baboons are also a common sight in the Skukuza Golf Club. Squirrels and birds are a better alternative to have on a golf course, don’t you think? Many fans have reacted to the video and answered the question.

Golf World provides a solution for when a hyena shows up

Answering the question in the video shared on Twitter, many fans were shocked by Neil Whyte’s smiling face. While the local golfer was not rattled by a hyena, the golf world sure was.

One of them responded, thinking the golf course might be occupying the hyena’s place instead of it happening the other way.

Another answered the opposite of what was asked and told what they would not do.

Everybody needs company. So while providing a solution, a fellow fan remembered this and responded accordingly.

One of them assumed the hyena would be in the mood for a joke.

In a very realistic reaction, one fan was honest about the scare that might have gone through his spine.

Another fan was very confused. The situation could take aback anybody. But should you run if you spot a wild animal?

Cannot tell if the fan was angry or jealous of Whyte’s confidence on the field and in his selfie camera. Can you?


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Someone thinks Neil White should have called upon The Lion King to help! They scream, “MUFASA, help.”


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How would you have handled the situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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