Incredibly Rare Photo of Old Tom Morris, AKA ‘Grand Old Man of Golf’, Resurfaces Online

Published 12/28/2022, 6:30 PM EST

Golf fans are well aware of the records set by their favorite golfers. But the records set by these famous golfers heavily depend on the courses that they play on. Moreover, these courses are designed by professional designers and architects who spend years learning the process to build the best courses for golfers. And one of the first golf course designers was Old Tom Morris, a rare picture of whom has recently resurfaced on Twitter. Born in 1821 in Scotland, Morris is widely regarded as the first professional golfer in recorded history.

Golden picture of Old Tom Morris finds its way to fans on Twitter

The golf world is habitual of coming across new surprises every day. With newly launched golf leagues and the increasing competition between existing tours, the struggles are consistent. However, one thing that seems to remain the same throughout all these changes is the value of old golf courses for players.


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These courses were specially designed by professionals who took the time to think creatively, and also execute their thoughts to build the best golf courses for the upcoming generations. And one such famous golf course is the Callander Golf Club chosen by Mike Cantlay, and beautifully designed by Old Tom Morris.

The resurfaced picture of Morris, also called the grand old man of golf, was taken while he was busy designing the Callander Golf Club. Fans absolutely cherished the sight of the ingenious man standing on his brainchild course. Morris designed the 18-hole course which includes the significant 15th hole named the Avenue.

More about golf’s ‘grand old man’ Morris

The Callander Golf Club is not the only remarkable course Tom Morris designed. The four-time major champion was better known for his work on the field. During his years in the industry, Morris worked as a club-maker, ball-maker, greenskeeper, golf instructor, and champion golfer. And not only did he play those parts, but also proved to be the best man at each job he worked.


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Some of the former golfer’s famous golf course designs include The Old Course at St Andrews, Muirfield, Carnoustie, and Royal Portrush. It is safe to say that the bar set by Morris for designing the best courses is unmatched. Born in St. Andrews, the Scottish golfer was also a caddie at the young age of 14. And that is when he slowly started developing his golfing skills.

During the 1800s, Morris didn’t have access to the latest technology including earth-moving and land-shifting machines. And so, he had to make the best use of what he had manually. The special thing about his designs was that he avoided making deep pot bunkers or any other heavy penalty-resulting areas in his courses. Rather, he used to make designs that would be helpful for talented players who could hit shots at the ideal angles.


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Morris passed away in 1908, but his golf courses are still as good as new. Many young designers find his work inspirational and often like taking ideas from his previously designed courses. The golf star was responsible to pave the path for hundreds of aspiring course golf architects to make successful careers in the field.

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