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‘It Was Worth It’: Paige Spiranac Makes Full Swing Docuseries Producer Reveal the ‘Embarassing’ Story that Helped Him Land a Deal With PGA Tour

Published 02/19/2023, 4:05 PM EST

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Paige Spiranac’s charming personality, incredible golf skills, and candid opinions have won over millions of fans worldwide. And to better engage with her fans she started her own podcast series.

Her podcast is a refreshing and entertaining take on the world of golf. Paige invites some of the biggest names to join her for a round and an unfiltered conversation. And this week she is having a chat with the chief creative officer of Vox Media Studios, Chad Mumm. The pair had a very interesting conversation about the golf docu-series Full Swing.

Paige Spiranac uncovered how Chad convinced the PGA Tour


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The former golf player is back with a new episode of Playing a Round with Paige Renee. And this time she sat down with Chad Mumm, the guest producer of Netflix Docu-series Full Swing. 

Paige asked Mumm the most anticipated question of how he got the PGA Tour Chairman, Jay Mohanan, to sign off on the series.


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Chad shared that he initially introduced the idea about 10 years ago but it was shot down. But, a few years ago, he pitched Jay the idea again while playing a round of golf with him. 

Moreover, he expressed how Mohanan understood that the sport had to be promoted in order to reach the new generation. “I think they understood, they had to sort of reach audiences in new places, they had to sort of grow and explore like new ways to make new fans.”

Futhermore Chad humorously revealed that he played a very bad round of golf because all his focus was on pitching the show. However, he felt the result was worth the embarressment. “So it’s very embarrassing that that’s what led to the show, but but I guess it was worth it anyway”  

He got the green flag for the series that day and then everything was finalized at the Players championship. “Three months later, I was at the Players Championship, sort of locking the deal in with the tour.”

There were some delays in signing on the players moving forward, which totally worked in their favor, as Drive to Survive blew up on Netflix. This got Chad’s conversation started with people at Augusta, which was a very cool moment for him.

How did Chad approach the players?


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After the deal was done with the PGA Tour. The CCO of Vox Media studios decided to approach the player at Augusta. He got in under a general visitor pass. But, as no phones were allowed on the course, he had to print out all the information related to the players.

Chad said he very quietly called out for the players’ agents from the sidelines and explained to them the project. 

Moreover, he said that Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas were the first ones to join the series.


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Because of the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, the project multiplied 10 folds. And was able to feature over 10 players instead of the initially proposed six.



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