‘Jason Day & His Pantaloons’: Fans Replace Tiger Woods’s Sun Day Red Hype With Trolls Against Nike’s Former Partner

Published 04/12/2024, 7:00 AM EDT

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In the world of golf, the players seamlessly blended in with the allure of the coveted sponsors and shone on the field, most of which was Nike. However, of late, there has been quite a shift in the long-time partnership. For example, Tiger Woods switched to his own brand, Sun Day Red, after his split with Nike. Even during the practice session held on Monday ahead of the Masters, he was seen wearing a white sweater black pants, and a black hat, paired with black shoes, all belonging to his brand.

This stayed the talk of the Masters for a while until Jason Day walked in donning the clothes of his new sponsors—Malbon Golf—on the greens of the Augusta National. Jason Day, who was earlier a Nike ambassador, switched to Malbon Golf in January this year. The 36-year-old became the first PGA Tour player to be sponsored by the comparatively new brand, which is trying to up its market in the golf community. It looks like his apparel received a serious amount of disapproval from the golf community.

Jason Day steps into the Augusta National with his baggy pants


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During the Masters Championship, he was spotted wearing a white jersey paired with a white pair of shoes, and in contrast to that, he wore a pair of blue trousers and a blue cap. Although the outfit was color-coordinated finely, the exceptionally baggy pants were what made the commentators laugh their stomachs out!

A Reddit post caught the attention of many in the community. The post consisted of a question that started a conversation about the Australian golfer’s pants. The caption of the post stated, Can we talk about Jason Day’s pants?

The post further mentioned how even the commentators shared their opinion about the Aussie’s attire and asked the community whether anyone knew the reason behind Day’s choice of outfit and commented,Not the best look but commentators have already mentioned how ridiculously baggy Jason Day’s pants are. Is anyone else witnessing this and can I please get a proper explanation??”

Can we talk about Jason Day’s pants?
byu/Low_Mark491 inmasters

Well, it looks like Malbon Golf has, after all, failed to impress the golf community once again. The apparel became a topic of discussion that was picked up to share a good laugh about the game at the Augusta National.

The golf community picks at Jason Day’s Masters outfit

The entire golf community came together and left all sorts of sarcastic and witty jokes on the post shared on Reddit. Well, the outfit just does not seem to go well with the game, not after you have seen Jason Day in his former sponsor brand.

One of them used a rather fun pun, using the fictional character Bagger Vance. What he meant was, instead of Bagger Vance, it should have been ‘The Legend of Baggy Pants”. He wrote, “Bagger Vance is more like baggy pants. I’ll show myself.” Another one used a reference from a song by MC Hammer, “U can’t Touch This” as another set of wordplay for Jason Day’s attire. Very humorously, they wrote, “Hammer Time!!!”


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One of the followers, wittily enough, used the 90s terminology for pants, hinting how out of fashion he looked for the Augusta National Golf Club. He wrote, “Jason Day & his pantaloons”. A fan, sarcastically using his own example, expressing the same sentiment, wrote, “I’ve worn some pants to play this week that may have been 25 years old. I looked down and thought they were baggy and I probably ought to replace them. Didn’t know I was back on the cutting edge of fashion.”

Another fan made a playful jab at the outfit, especially the pants, stating that his pants look so big that it feels as if he wore two pants in anticipation of the fact that he might score the perfect shot! He wrote, “Those are wild. He just wore two pairs of pants in case he gets a hole in one. I’ll see myself out.”


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Well, although baggy pants are an ongoing trend these days, they probably are not best suited for the luscious greens. What are your thoughts on Jason Day’s new outfit for the Masters? Let us know in the comments section below!



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