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The issue surrounding awarding LIV golf players with OWGR Ranking has been surrounding the world of golf for a while now. However, the new decision to the same has invited even more opinions on the matter. Justin Thomas, for one, did not stay behind in speaking his mind on the topic.

Justin Thomas remains to have the record of being one of the only five players to have won 10 or more PGA Tour events including a Major before turning 27. His skill at the game is truly impeccable and he seems to get more polished each day.


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Justin Thomas’s latest input of OWGR points matter

The new system of awarding OWGR points has been in question ever since its launch. As per this system, it has been pointed out that the chances of international players coming into the big picture get thinner. This is because the points awarded for events like the Hero World Challenge are much more than that awarded at other Asian events.

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This could potentially result in an inherent inequality in the system, according to many people online. However, Justin Thomas refuses to believe so.

He defended the stance saying that the number of points is directly proportional to the quality of the field which is higher in the case of the aforementioned. According to JT, it is, hence, justified.

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However, fans did not stop there. Thomas was questioned about what he thinks of LIV golfers getting world ranking points in that case.

To this, he said, “I have no problem… they just need to meet the criteria. But they don’t in 7 of the 8 categories. Every tour went thru the 2-3 year process to earn OWGR pts, no reason they shouldn’t be different right?”

Thomas, hence, made sure to put his point forth on the burning issue. He talked about how LIV players should follow the same procedure that was to be followed by every other tour. He also pointed out how that has not been fulfilled as of now.

Alabama alum Justin Thomas sides with the former’s opposition

Justin Thomas is an alumnus of the famous University of Alabama. He completed his graduation from the said. However, in a recent match between Auburn University Tigers and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, JT supported Alabama’s opposition, Auburn Tigers.


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The Iron Bowl is the name for the rivalry between the Auburn University Tigers and the University of Alabama Crimson Tide in the world of college football. JT, however, did not side with his university.

Instead, he called out the “horrible” call and talked about how this is just one of many. He also talked about the increase in blatant calls missed this year in comparison to previous years.


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What do you think about Justin Thomas’ opinions on the matter? Share your views in the comments section below.

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