Justin Thomas’ WHOOP Data Reveals Astonishing Numbers From the PGA Championship

Published 05/24/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

via Reuters

Justin Thomas recently won the PGA Championship 2022, and it turns out that his performance while sleeping was as good as his performance on the field.

Sleeping well: First step to winning the title


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According to Whoop’s data, Thomas’ sleep was so sound that his sleep score was a perfect 100%, and his green recovery score was recorded as good as 89%. Whoop claims that this could be how Thomas came back so strong after a 7-stroke deficit, which was the biggest comeback in the final round ever in PGA history of PGA.

Whoop tweeted, “A championship W powered by a 3-day green streak. Congratulations @justinthomas34 on Major victory No. 2! A comeback, a playoff, and a 100% sleep performance — JT’s accomplishments this weekend are performance, unlocked.”

Sleep Cycle before the final round

Justin slept for 2.5 hours of REM before his final round, along with one hour and fifty minutes of wave sleep. The time of his sleep in bed was nine hours and fifty minutes. It was significantly more than the average number of hours Justin slept on an average of 30 days.

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Business Analyst Darren Rovell tweeted, “Cool data from @whoop on Justin Thomas’ night of sleep heading into the final round of the PGA Championship, which he won. JT recorded a 100% sleep performance, including 9:50 time in bed (1:24 more than 30-day avg) & 2.5 hours of REM.”

Not just the mornings before the final round, Thomas also slept like a baby even on nights before his second and third rounds. He got out of bed with green recovery scores of 89% and 88% on the mornings of his second and third rounds respectively.

Sound sleep helped Justin Thomas recover from allergies

This not only helped Justin rest well during his PGA championship but also gave him a chance to recover from his seasonal allergies.

USA Today via Reuters

Whoop tweeted, ”Ahead of @JustinThomas34’s big win, he reported seasonal allergies were affecting his recovery. To combat his allergies, he adjusted his practice schedule and prioritized sleep, hitting a green streak just as competition began.”


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Thomas recently rose four places in the Official World Golf Ranking this Monday after his victory in the PGA Championship.

He was world no. 9 last week and became world no. 5 after his spectacular win on the PGA Tour. He has also been No. 1 twice in two different events. 


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However, Justin’s win in the PGA Championship was a roller-coaster ride in itself. Such twists and turns of events in one game are rarely seen in the sport.



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