Legend Tiger Woods Was Saved By a “Hand of God” in One of the Most Embarrassing Situations of His Life, Resulting in a Memorable Partnership

Published 07/19/2023, 11:00 AM EDT

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Tiger Woods has been on the golf course since he was a kid. His transformation from amateur to one of the greatest golfers of all time has been a journey in itself. People sharing the greens with him recognized his potential to make history. It is one of the reasons that veteran golfer Steve Williams revered Woods and partnered with him till long after he had planned his retirement.

But Williams isn’t the only caddie with stories to share about the legend. Billy Foster who has been on the greens for 40 years has an incredible tale about Tiger Woods that could have turned into the most awkward situation of his career!

An uncanny partnership that began with an awkward moment in the bathroom


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The partnership between a golfer and their caddie is sacred. It is built on trust and understanding. but the short-stinted partnership between Tiger Woods and Billy Foster started because of a hilarious incident in the washroom. At least that’s what the veteran caddie chooses to believe.

Back during the 2002 Ryder Cup, when the 5-times Masters winner was representing the States against prolific players such as Darren Clarke, Padraig Harrington, Lee Westwood, and others, he had a day to remember and it had nothing to do with golf. Well, more or less.

Just before his tee time, Woods decided to hit the men’s room. However, 6 minutes before his appearance on the links, he found himself in an awkward situation; something we have all faced at some point in our lives and cursed out loud. He was out of toilet paper!

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He let out a deep sigh, contemplating his next move. Then, out of nowhere came a “hand of god,” sliding under the door, offering him a bunch rolled for his convenience. Then he heard the words, “Europe, one up.” Woods thanked his lucky stars, left the stall, and went on to not only find his “s***house savior.”

When he spoke to the veteran caddy, he said, “Billy Foster, I owe you.” And he kept his word. The duo teamed up for the 2005 President’s Cup and took home the title along with massive prize money. It’s been 21 years since. Tiger Woods has won many accolades and left his rookie days behind. Billy Foster went on to caddie for budding golfers and watched them soar. But neither of them will forget that day.

That’s how important a caddie is to a golfer, even if their partnership is one-off or non-existent.

Billy Foster’s POV on the Tiger Woods ‘bathroom incident’

Tiger Woods’ salvation came in the form of a good-hearted caddie who learned from the best. Foster, in his 20 years on the links, has caddied for Seve Ballesteros, Thomas Bjorn, Sergio Garcia, Matt Fitzpatrick, and the man he was accompanying at the 2002 Ryder Cup, Darren Clarke. He understood the vitality of the situation Woods was in despite him being a rival on the greens.


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“I am walking out and I hear this little sigh,” the caddie relived the moment with Daily Mail. A fleeting thought of leaving the golfer in his predicament did occur to him, but he’s a good man. “But I can’t do it to him, so I roll up some paper, get down on my knees, and present it to him under the door,” he shared. reflecting back on their time together, he added, “ I caddied for him at the Presidents Cup in 2005—I swear that’s why I got the job. Not because I’m a good caddie but because I was the s***house savior.”

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Undoubtedly, Woods did repay his debt to the experienced caddie and they shared a few laughs on the links. But it is unlikely that the 15-time major championship winner will ever forget the “hand of god” that saved his life and his reputation on that fateful day.


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Do you think Woods hired Foster for one of the most memorable games of his career because he owed him? What did you think of their partnership on the golf course? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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