LIV Golf Is Better Than PGA Tour? 1x Major Champion’s Unfiltered Confessions Paints a Clear Picture

Published 12/24/2023, 11:34 AM EST

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Bryson DeChambeau and PGA Tour was a bad marriage. Known for his non-conformist attitude, DeChambeau was in pursuit of freedom and PGA Tour wasn’t going to make the cut. The catch is, by 28, DeChambeau had already been a major champion and was one of the longest hitters. Not to forget, he walked into the PGA Tour with a reputation as only the fifth player to win both the NCAA and U.S. Amateur titles in the same year, joining Jack Nicklaus (1961), Phil Mickelson (1990), Tiger Woods (1996), and Ryan Moore (2004). So, did it hurt Commissioner Jay Monahan when he left? Yes. But was it a bolt from the blues? Certainly not!

What’s not to like about LIV Golf? Deep pockets, modernized and inspired, shorter tournaments. But there is more than what meets the eye. If the signing contracts with hefty prize money were not enough—LIV Golf, led by two-time major tournament winner and Commissioner Greg Norman who spent years fuming over the PGA Tour’s structure—also offers the players opportunities to make more money. Alternatively, if a golfer is looking for some freedom in his professional life, guess what? The Backway League has that too!

A US Open winner found the ‘blue ocean’ of opportunities


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Bryson DeChambeau’s main reason behind the move was “freedom.” The 2x LIV Golf winner described the contrasting freedom and creative opportunities he got while on the tour. He explained the initial contact clauses and said, “You’re owned by the tour for 52 weeks once you sign that contract.”

Furthermore, he expressed that although the tour allows the golfer to play in another league, there is still a 1% chance it might not, and then one would have to get a release or else they can’t move. On the contrary to PGAT’s hectic schedule, as per DeChambeau, there are only 14 events on LIV Golf, which ultimately offers more freedom.


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He said, “This is a way better deal than the tour. I’m getting guaranteed money, and I play less, and it’s three days. We own a part of a team. We spend more time with our family, and I can create businesses outside of this.” The 30-year-old then agreed that LIV does own his commercial rights but not his digital rights.

DeChambeau was quick to explain that on the PGA Tour, the league owns every part of a player. However, at LIV, that is not the case. At LIV Golf, the golfers have a chance to build their audience on digital platforms, as he is doing so on YouTube. He referred to LIV Golf as the “blue ocean” of new opportunities. This may hold true for DeChambeau. After all , he isn’t just speaking out of turn and there is a lot of credit to DeChambeau’s words.

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When he turned to YouTube and Tiktok to connect with his fans while he was on PGAT, it was received all that well. Apparently, such practices inevitably clashed with the PGA Tour’s media regulations. As reported by Golf Digest, DeChambeau once attempted to bring a film crew onto the course during a practice round. They were ultimately denied access. But that wasn’t all.


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Bryson DeChambeau gets vocal about the fortunate existence of LIV Golf

Bryson DeChambeau highlighted another thing that did not sit well with him and the PGA Tour. The 2020 U.S. Open champ described that he initially “tried to get on the pack for six years; clearly, nobody wanted me on” because he was different than others. The LIV star thought differently than others. However, at LIV Golf, they see “eye to eye.” This strangely resonates with what a high-profile golfer said when Bryson had first defected.

Although the golfer maintained their anonymity to Golf Digest, they revealed, “He’s going to LIV because he wants to be loved, and he doesn’t feel like he’s getting that on the PGA Tour.


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The LIV golfer found it “lucky” that LIV came around and he had a league where he could express himself and be supported. DeChambeau explained that LIV Golf sees the big picture of content creation and affiliate marketing, and they can cultivate new ideas for the future of golf together. The recent confessions of Bryson DeChambeau shed light on the other side of LIV Golf, which rarely gets attention in the golf community.



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