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Brooks Koepka, the American golf legend, has many victories to his name. The golfer has tried his hand at different sports since his childhood, like baseball, basketball, and finally golf. However, the biggest constant support he always had and still has throughout his life was from his parents, Bob Koepka and Denise Jakows.

Mostly, Brooks Koepka credits his father for his success, as he was his first coach and mentor. However, the LIV golfer’s determination came from his mother, who is also a cancer survivor. Although Koepka’s parents are divorced, he never felt a lack of their presence in his life. Surely, Koepka’s parents’ identities are not hidden behind his fame; they are their independent personalities!

Who is Brooks Koepka’s father? 


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Bob Koepka now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, and is married to Sherry Koepka. He has been a sportsperson since he was young; he is a 1981 graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College and played basketball for many years as a pitcher. In the same year, Koepka led the WVWC Bobcats in strikeouts and innings pitched. According to Golf Digest, Bob picked up golf and worked for his uncle at the Champion Lakes Golf Resort in Bolivar, Pennsylvania, to learn the game as much as he could. Bob did almost everything on that course, like gassing up the carts, vacuuming the pro shop, replenishing the water stations, and even working as a bartender at night.

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He learned more about golf by observing other golfers’ swing movements. He’d taken up the game after college and used to ask the players about how they decided to hit the ball the way they did it. He then used to practice that shot exactly per the information given by the players. There was no formal study line about the sport in Bob’s life, but he made himself a golfer from scratch for good!

As a result, after a few years, he was already available for his sons. He proudly praises his sons now and then in the media. Once he mentioned Brooks Koepka in an interview and said, “Whether it was Ping-Pong or golf, if someone told Brooks he couldn’t do it, he would prove them wrong.”. In addition to that, he also shared how overwhelmed he was to see his son step up in his career when, at the 2014 US Open, Koepka took fourth place.


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The 34-year-old player was raised by her mother, Denise Jakows. She worked as a news anchor at WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida, from 1986 to 1999. The bold lady slammed a rumor that, after her son joined the PIF-funded league, Koepka and his mother cried when they were able to land the multimillion-dollar deal.

What does Brooksie’s mother do?

After completing her degree from Temple University in broadcast journalism, she started working as a news anchor and later opened up her own production company that dealt with video production, public relations, media crisis management, and marketing for hospitals and corporations. Moreover, she created weekly breast cancer information segments like “Focus for the Cure” and another health segment for a local TV station. However, now she works as a communications manager at G4S Secure Solutions in Florida.

The woman was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer seven years ago and made it through chemotherapy. According to Newsday, Denise described her elder son in a simple sentence: “He is very low-key.” She also cheerfully shared how her son and she have a strong bond and enjoy their lives every moment. Sometimes they even take a random holiday. She supports her sons in their golf career, and is a proud mom to both of them.


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Although Bob Koepka and Denise Jakows met and got married, sadly, their love story couldn’t last very long. However, during their happily married days, they were blessed by their first child, Brooks Koepka, on May 3, 1990, and later welcomed their second child, Chase Koepka, on January 30, 1994. The couple got divorced when Brooks and his brother were still young. However, both parents are very loving towards their sons and support them in their professional and personal endeavors.

Brook’s has a younger ‘golfer’ brother

The 2023 PGA Championship’s winner’s younger brother, Chase Koepka, is also a professional golfer. As reported by Golf.com, the siblings paired up together at the 2017 Zurich Classic in New Orleans. “I know his strengths and weaknesses; he knows mine. I think that’s actually a good asset for this format,” said the younger Koepka. They ended up finishing fifth at the event. Additionally, Chase has also played in two PGA Tour events. He competed in 2023 LIV season, but was relegated for the 2024 season after finishing 48th in the season-long standings.


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However, their parents keep a balance to be there for the boys; they can be seen in their tournaments many times cheering their sons up. Despite their personal disputes and health issues, they set an example of how supportive and loving parents Jakows and Koepka are!

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