One Year Later, Rory McIlroy Finally Sets the Record Straight With an Extremely Emotional Confession To End Wild Speculation

Published 06/08/2023, 12:59 PM EDT

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All eyes will be on Rory McIlroy as the 2023 RBC Canadian Open gets underway at a new location in Oakdale to see whether he can repeat his prior triumph and secure his place in the tournament’s finals. Golf fans excitedly anticipate the matchup as they expect the defending champion to put on another exciting exhibition of skill and tenacity.

In a press conference, two-time RBC Canadian Open champion Rory McIlroy, emphasized his excitement about coming back to Toronto and defending his championship. McIlroy reflected on the great experience of his previous victory at the RBC Canadian Open, characterizing it as one of the best moments in his career on the PGA Tour, despite the tournament moving to Oakdale this year. He also disclosed a mystery that has been looming for long.

Rory McIlroy revealed the million-dollar deal mystery


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The contentious Premier Golf League and its huge cash incentives have caused much rumor in the golfing community. There have been rumors that McIlroy turned down a startling $500 million offer to join LIV Golf. The Irish golfing sensation has since corrected the record, claiming that he was never presented with such an offer.

McIlroy said when asked about the million-dollar deal in a recent press conference, “I was never offered any money.”


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However, at his press conference, McIlroy brought up an intriguing topic, arguing that players who opted to stay committed to the PGA Tour and rejected possible LIV offers, ought to receive fair compensation. McIlroy felt a sense of vulnerability, feeling like a “sacrificial lamb” for being so upfront about his viewpoint but appreciating the potential overall benefits the Premier Golf League may have for the sport.

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McIlroy expressed his opinion on being loyal and turning down LIV, “I mean, the simple answer is yes. The complex answer is how does that happen, right? And that’s all, that’s all a gray area and up in the air at the minute. But, yeah, there is, it’s hard to, it’s hard for me to not sit up here and feel somewhat like a sacrificial lamb and feeling like I’ve put myself out there and this is what happens.”

He also added, “Again, removing myself from the situation, I see how this is better for the game of golf. There’s no denying that. But for me as an individual, yeah, I, there’s just going to have to be conversations that are had.”

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The problem of rewarding devoted golfers financially is a difficult hurdle. McIlroy acknowledged the ambiguity in this situation and emphasized the need for additional conversations and explanations on how such compensation can be achieved.

McIlroy’s opinion on the elephant in the room!

McIlroy explained several misunderstandings about the relationship between the PGA Tour, DP World Tour, and the Public Investment Fund (PIF) in that press release. Contrary to earlier rumors, the merger does not involve LIV; instead, it wants to create a new business that will manage the partnership.

He said, “Yeah, so I think the one thing that I think was really misconstrued last, yesterday was all the headlines were PGA Tour merges with LIV. And LIV’s got nothing to do with this, right. It’s the PGA Tour, DP World Tour and the Public Investment Fund are basically partnering to create a new company.”


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He also added, “I think that’s where I was a little frustrated. Because all I’ve wanted to do and all I’ve wanted in the past year, from basically this tournament, is to protect the future of the PGA Tour and protect the aspirational nature of what the PGA Tour stands for. And I hope that this does that.”

McIlroy stressed the need of proper depiction of the relationship while outlining his main goal of securing the PGA Tour’s future and retaining its aspirational spirit. With Jay Monahan as its CEO, the newly constituted business will have control over all parties. This organizational structure makes sure that the PGA Tour maintains control over the organization’s direction and actions.

McIlroy also emphasized the value of the PIF’s financial support for the game, saying that the PGA Tour’s participation gives it greater influence over how those investments are made. The PGA Tour gains a potent ally in reshaping golf’s future by teaming with one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds in the world.


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