‘OWGR Has Failed’: Golf Fans Left Divided After Bryson DeChambeau Suffers a Major Setback Despite His Win

Published 09/25/2023, 11:51 PM EDT

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Bryson DeChambeau has won several accolades in his professional career. The famous golfer has even been ranked in the world’s top ten golfers for more than 140 weeks. On Sunday, DeChambeau won LIV Golf Chicago by one shot.

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However, following his decision to play for LIV Golf, things have changed for the star golfer. It has severely impacted his OWGR ranking. This issue was discussed on Twitter following his second LIV Golf win recently.

Bryson DeChambeau’s OWGR ranking questioned by fans


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The famous professional golfer is ranked 128th in the world, at the moment. Bryson’s supreme skillset and mastery in golf surely do not match his current ranking. So it was obvious for his fans to question the ongoing system of rankings after seeing him ranked much, much lower in the OWGR.

But why is DeChambeau ranked 128 if he is in fact such a great golfer? This is because of DeChambeau’s move to LIV Golf. The Saudi-backed league has not met the OWGR criterion yet to offer points to its players. There is a possibility that LIV scores might get counted in the future following the PGA Tour-LIV Golf merger. But there is still a long road ahead for that to happen.


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A Twitter account tweeted, “This is the biggest joke in golf right now. Bryson is ranked 128th in the world! ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHTH.” The mix of rage and disappointment could surely be sensed in this tweet.

The reaction seems to have come forth following DeChambeau’s LIV Golf- Chicago win. The ‘Mad Scientist’ is well-known for his golfing prowess, which is no longer a secret in the glorious world of golf. His golfing style matches the hype and fandom that he has grown to build through the years. His recent win only exemplifies his skill set. Fans were quick to share their opinions on the matter.

Golf fans stand divided on the DeChambeau-OWGR situation

Golf fans on Twitter had diverse opinions on the matter. While some supported OWGR’s decision and blamed it on Bryson’s decision to play LIV Golf, others opined the prevailing system is unjust. All in all, the jury on this widely discussed matter could not come to a conclusion. Here are some different opinions:

One of the fans who reacted took the opportunity to explain the matter in depth.

Another fan was quick to ask an interesting question: Will OWGR add LIV golf’s backlog to the scores?

One of the fans was quick to present an argument in DeChambeau’s defense and appreciate his golfing skills along the way.

Yet another fan was quick to sarcastically point out and respond to people equating the situation to being a calculated move on DeChambeau’s part and whatever follows as his Karma.

Another fan, however, opined that it was DeChambeau’s choices that led down the world ranking list.


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One of Bryson’s supporters pointed out how Bryson is a legend and the world rankings don’t event his mastery of the game.


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Do you think DeChambeau will react to his low OWGR standing despite his recent win? Let us know in the comments.

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