‘So Savage’: Brooks Koepka and Talor Gooch Turn Into Jim and Dwight, Leaving the Golf World in Hysterics

Published 12/09/2023, 3:45 AM EST

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The big trade that has recently taken place between some of LIV Golf’s most prominent teams is all anyone involved in the golf world can talk about in recent times. One of the biggest changes that has been witnessed as a result of this trade is Talor Gooch’s second change of teams in two years.

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As Gooch has moved into the Brooks Koepka-led Smash GC, fans’ excitement has also become largely apparent. An interesting moment shared by the duo on-course has recently gone viral and has attracted the attention of the larger golf world.

Brooks Koepka and Talor Gooch’s cosplay stuns the golf world


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Talor Gooch is the new valuable addition to Brooks Koepka’s Smash GC. Ever since Gooch was added to Brooks Koepka’s team, the golf world has shifted its focus to the moments this duo shares with one another.

A recent moment from the duo’s time on the course has everyone appreciating the quick wits involved. The famous professional golfers are seen talking with one another while audio from the famous series, The Office, is being played in the background.


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While Brooks Koepka is playing Dwight in this funny cosplay, Talor Gooch is seen playing the role of Jim. The viral video is captioned, “Exclusive audio of ‘the trade.'” Koepka’s has been jokingly interpreted as saying in Dwight’s famous dialogue, “Do you want to form an alliance with me?” To this end, Gooch is interpreted as replying to Jim’s famous comeback, “Absolutely I do.”


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This witty interchange is grounded in one of the soap opera’s grandest moments. Evidently, following Jim’s ideology of always replying in the affirmative to Dwight’s alliance query, Talor Gooch has said yes to Brooks Koepka’s request for him to be on his team. Fans did not spare a moment to react to this interesting interchange between two of LIV Golf’s most loved stars.

Fans react to golf’s Dwight and Jim

Seeing your favorite golfer lip sync to your favorite TV series sounds like a dream come true for any golf fan who has a soft spot for ‘The Office’. Such was the case after Smash GC’s social media team dropped this post with insane comedic timing. The fans were quick to react, and some even took the chance to quote the well-known line from their favorite show that Jim had responded with.

A wrestling fan was quick to intercede and compare Smash GC to The Alliance from the wrestling side of things. They wrote, “The Alliance is now the nickname for Smash if we wanna go the wrestling style route.. which I do.”

One of the fans was quick to react and express how much they loved this interaction based on the Office’s theme.

Another golf and the Office fan was quick to quote a famous quote from Dwight and Jim’s interaction on the show. They wrote, “If Dwight offers to form an alliance, you ALWAYS accept.”

In just a few words, one of the fans conveyed the emotions of the entirety of the golf world.

Another fan’s simple yet apt response expressed what had been going on in all of our minds. They wrote, “So good.”

One of the netizens was cognizant of crediting Smash GC’s extremely talented social media team for their unparalleled efforts.


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Yet another fan, being left stunned at this masterful description of possibly their favorite show, left an on-point compliment. They wrote, “This is so savage.”


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All in all, the incredibly well-timed comedic act gained the attention of the larger golf world. Truly, it was an incredible sight to witness in the larger golfing community.

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