Many may consider receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom as the highest level of achievement in their life. However, at times receiving the greatest American Civilian award can itself draw controversy. Throwback to last year, when LPGA Tour legend, Annika Sorenstam, had to provide a reason why she accepted the medal a day after the US Capitol riots.

Sorenstam is widely considered as one of the greatest female golfers of all time. She has 72 professional wins to her name which also include her ten Major triumphs. With endless accolades achieved by the Hall of Famer, she was listed to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Donald Trump in 2020.


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However, the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, postponing the medal ceremony. The delay resulted in a negative impact, and it only got worse for Sorenstam from thereon.

Annika Sorenstam provides an explanation for accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Ahead of the postponed medal ceremony a year later, a controversial incident beyond the world of sport occurred in the United States. A mob of people, who were reportedly Donald Trump supporters, invaded the US Capitol. Many people were reported to be injured as well as dead.

However a day later after the infamous dark day, the then-American President, Donald Trump, held the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony. Sorenstam along with fellow golfing legend, Gary Player, attended the ceremony. This drew massive criticism towards both the Hall of Famers.

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A few days after receiving the most prestigious American civilian award, Sorenstam provided insight into her thoughts. “Well, I’m not one to second-guess”, said the Swedish golfer while speaking to Golf Channel. She further talked about how she wants to join the historical list of people who have received the Medal and also indicated that she always looks forward.


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“I don’t want to spend any energy looking back, I like to spend energy looking forward, continue to open doors, create opportunities for the young girls around the world. I’ve heard from a lot of people – you can imagine, a lot of opinions, a lot of comments. I hear clearly what those people say. I know they see it differently. But I listen and I embrace them all.”

Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom isn’t very common. Annika Sorenstam was chosen as the recipient long before the riots unfolded. Moreover, in order to make such a massive decision within 24 hours can be difficult. However, the legend has moved from her big day turning dark and is currently the President of the International Golf Federation.

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