“Recovery Gets Hit Hard”: Pregnant Jessica Korda Shares a Concerning Health Update as She Enters Her Third Trimester

Published 10/30/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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Jessica Korda’s pregnancy journey is progressing well, and she has been giving her fans glimpses of her experiences on social media. The elder Korda recently shared an update about how far into her pregnancy she currently is.

Now, a few hours back, she has shared an update on her health conditions. She posted a story on her Instagram, where she discussed the changes in her body of late. She also wrote about how the experience is evolving with time as the process moves forward.

Jessica Korda reveals a health update with metrics for reference


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Jessica Korda shared on her Instagram story, a screenshot from a health-tracking app named Whoop. It showed an overall recovery rate of 28 percent marked red to indicate an unfavorably low rate of recovery.

She wrote, “This baby is growinggggggg. Recovery gets hit hard when my RHR goes high. So cool to see what your body is doing all on its own during this time.” 


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As stated by the National Institutes of Health (NCBI, NLM, NIH), Resting heart rate, or RHR, is positively related with mortality. A lower RHR is generally considered preferable. In Korda’s case, the story shows that her RHR went up from 54 (monthly average) to 58, which is not favorable for her. 

The screenshot also showed that her sleep performance has improved to 100 percent from an average of 96 percent in the last 30 days. However, the other three metrics mentioned in the report, including the RHR, had worsened. Thus, an insufficient 28 percent recovery rate. 

Although the numbers look bad, judging from the tone of Korda’s story, it appears that this isn’t alarming, perhaps. She must have highly efficient medical assistance, and a better idea of how to assess these numbers, obviously. 

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Jessica Korda has been constantly updating us about her progress through this experience. Let’s recap some of the recent updates she shared on her social media.


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Jessica Korda’s recent health updates

Jessica Korda had recently shared a story flaunting her baby bump. The bump indicated her entry into the sixth-month mark of pregnancy. Considering the timeline, it makes sense that she announced the end of her break from golf to be in 2024. 

She also posted a video of her making an ‘Iced Honey Almond Milk Latte’ and confessed her increased coffee cravings of late. One fan contested her in the comments, claiming that it was not exactly coffee, to be precise.


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Well, with her baby due somewhere in February 2024, and her update stating it, maybe it’s safe to expect her back on the golf course next year. How soon though, we do not have an idea! 

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