‘Makes Me More Inspired’: A 15-year-old Lydia Ko Was Taken Aback After Her Game Left Tiger Woods And His Former Caddie enamored

Published 01/05/2023, 6:00 AM EST

It was 20212 when LPGA pro Lydia Ko was a mere 15-year-old kid but playing golf like an adult. She is the Golf prodigy, and reporters asked about her response to being the youngest golfer at the Women’s British Open that year. The teenage Ko had no idea what to say. However, some outstanding golfers said the words she never expected. 

Since her childhood only, her impeccable future was visible. She won the New Zealand Women’s Amateur when she was seven. And by the time she was 12, the little Ko could tie for seventh in a Ladies European Tour event. The event winner, Laura Davies, was almost 34 years older than Ko. The pro golfer registered a four-stroke victory at the New South Wales Open at 14.


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 She kept proving herself repeatedly and broke many stereotypes. However, her worth was not unseen by golf legends. The former number one golfer, Tiger Woods, and his former caddie Steve Williams had few words of appreciation for the little Ko back in 2012.

The comments took aback Lydia Ko

Ko’s fans will agree that her drives are as modest and straight as she is herself. The 2006 British Open winner, Woods, admired Ko’s skills. The LPGA pro has always looked up to Woods and Michelle Wie West as her childhood idols. Therefore, she was stoked to receive their appreciation on Twitter after winning in Canada in 2012. When Ko learned that her two icons appreciated her, she could not hold back her happiness, but also was shocked.


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According to the 15 times major championship winner, Ko was a better golfer at age 15 than Woods. It was overwhelming for her; however, she expressed her gratitude and said the appreciations inspire her. She said, “It’s awesome to have people like him saying that kind of kind words. It kind of makes me more inspired. Yeah, it’s awesome because they are all of the people I really look up to.” Few people might know, but Wie and Woods are why Ko attended Pinehurst School in Auckland and planned to attend Stanford.

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Even Woods’ former caddie was greatly impressed by Ko and felt proud. He said, “I find it hard to comprehend how good she is. It’s just phenomenal. I love watching it. It’s just incredible what she’s doing, and I’m so proud of her.” Her victory at Vancouver Golf Club mesmerized Williams at Inbee Park. According to him, Ko was only behind Bob Charles and Michael Campbell, who won the 1963 British Open and the 2005 U.S. Open, respectively.


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