‘Might Have ADHD’: Paige Spiranac’s Sister Lexie Spiranac Makes a Bleak Golf Confession Despite Her Love for the Sport

Published 10/20/2023, 7:01 AM EDT

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The love for a sport can be expressed in so many different ways. For a lot of athletes, competing with each other while going out on the course is how they do so while for others like Paige Spiranac, they go ahead to teach others about the game and release content on golf.

However, does her love for golf come from her family? Well, that is exactly what the blonde beauty’s older sister revealed along with a dreary confession as Lexie Spiranac opened up about herself, going so far as to even say she “might have ADHD,” surprising many!

Paige Spiranac’s sister Lexie opens up about golf


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The glam queen shot to popularity owing to her insane boldness coupled with her expert game content. And, she has been sharing her stories on her podcast, Playing a Round with Paige, for a long time now. And surprisingly, her sibling, an athlete in her own right, shared her story on the same.

In the new episode of the golf influencer’s content, the 39-year-old mentioned how she has a “hard time doing things over and over” while even doubting whether she “might have ADHD.” The older Spiranac sister, while alluding to the same, shared about her involvement in seven different sports that she “bounced around between.”


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Moreover, the heptathlete made sure to express her love for golf, the sport that her sister has found success in. Indicating how she really likes the game, the diva’s sibling said, “I love being on the course. I love going to the range.” However, the diva’s sis did point out the fact that she would probably play a couple of holes while spending the rest of the time “chatting with people” or on the cart if they were to play now owing to her ADHD.

Well, one thing is for sure. The sibling duo does share the love that they have for the sport. Moreover, the book that they released together does add to the heartwarming relationship that the twosome has with the game.

The Spiranac sisters and their children’s book


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The two athletes went ahead to release a children’s book named ‘Hattie Goes Golfing’. The duo took on the mantle of storytellers as they launched the same with the aim of getting more kids into the game. The story basically talks of a gopher named Hattie who wishes to play golf.

The narration is closely entwined with the life of the Spiranac sisters as they used the platform to share their own stories. The glam queen, while releasing the book, also recalled her experiences of not being accepted in the golf community.


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