‘Mimicry Is the Sincerest Form of Flattery’: Greg Norman’s Son Brutally Exposes the PGA Tour

Published 01/29/2023, 6:40 AM EST

via Reuters

The feud between the Saudi-backed series LIV Golf and the PGA Tour has been going on for a long time now. And this rivalry has been ignited again. At the center of this feud is Greg Norman, the CEO of LIV Golf. 

Norman is a legend in the world of golf. He achieved the heights of his golf career with the PGA Tour, so when he decided to join LIV Golf, many in the industry did not welcome the decision. LIV Golf has allured many great players away from the PGA Tour with great contracts and big signing amounts. 

Norman Jr. accuses the PGA Tour of copying LIV Golf


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Every move made by LIV Golf and the PGA Tour is scrutinized minutely, which is the reason why there are multiple lawsuits going on between the two organizations. Some even think that this feud might just end up hurting golf.

And this rivalry is not going to end anytime soon. The great white shark’s son just took to Twitter to unveil the PGA Tour’s new score display chart. LIV Golf has been following the chart or score worm system for a long time now. On the other hand, the PGA Tour just used to display a scoring table. 


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This change honored Norman Jr. “Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery”, he said. Although this addition will definitely make the visual experience better for the viewers, it has also given some ammunition to LIV Golf.

Is the PGA Tour really copying LIV Golf?

This is not the first time the PGA Tour has been accused of copying LIV Golf. In 2022, the PGA Tour announced some changes in its structure. Although many accused the organization of replicating LIV Golf, Jordan Spieth came to its defense. Spieth stated that he believes the PGA Tour has always been innovative. 


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Moreover, the tour’s recent launch of ShotLink Intelligence, a golf statistics, and tracking system is proof of this. He also stated that the PGA Tour has been working on developing the system for a long time and that it is not a copy of LIV Golf’s system.



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