Mom’s Superstition, 15 Stripes Homage to Major Wins – Tiger Woods’s Sun Day Red Details Explored

Published 02/12/2024, 9:21 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

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Tiger Woods came up on stage sporting a 3D knit cashmere hoodie. The Sun Day Red logo—a leaping white tiger—was blazing on his attire. “My lifestyle is this. This is what I wear day in and day out,” said the 15-time Major Champion with a gleaning smile at the Pacific Palisades shopping center. 

Woods, after all, had been teasing a “new chapter” after ending his 27-year-long partnership with Nike. As Woods went on to explain the meaning and significance of this new chapter in his life, here are the major takeaways. 

Why  Sun Day Red, and not Sunday Red?

The three letters caused quite a stir on the Internet. Why not simply keep it Sunday Red? Some pointed out that there was already a company called Sunday Red Golf. To avoid copyright issues, they picked the three-letter name. However, in the official statement, the company said that was done to harness the special power of the 3. It was “born from being outside in the sun, the joy of playing golf during the day and a special red being the brands (sic) power color…” So, was the logo that caused some confusion.

Why have a striped logo? Here is the answer

The Sun Day Red logo, a leaping white tiger, consists of 15 stripes. It’s not hard to guess why they stuck to 15. Woods confirmed that it is indeed because of the 15 Majors that came wearing the red polos on Sunday. Reportedly, only three times in his entire career has Woods sported other colors than red in the final round. The logo is a “visual tribute” to the man’s character, the official statement read.

Tiger Woods will stick to his red

Tiger Woods started wearing red because of his mother, Kultida Woods. Speaking at the press conference, the 82-time PGA Tour winner said, “It started with mom. Mom thought being a Capricorn, my power color is red. So I wore red as a junior golfer; I won some tournaments.” Interestingly, Woods went to Stanford and was part of the Cardinal’s Golf Roster, before dropping out. Recounting that, the 15-time Major winner said the connection is rather odd but curious. “It’s weird. I got to University, that is red. Stanford is red.” 

Next what? Sun Day Red shoes?

The lingering question, in the wake of the announcement, was about his footwear. Tiger Woods has sported FootJoy kicks since the 2022 Masters. But probably not for long. TaylorMade is working on shoes that fit Woods’s needs. Paolo Uggeti of ESPN reported that TaylorMade has a bigger plan to penetrate the footwear market as well.

“We fully anticipate having footwear in (the) market by early next year, if not sooner. And we’ll start with golf footwear. You may see Tiger wearing it sometime this spring or summer,” David Abeles, the TaylorMade CEO, said. Notably, black lace-up shoes with red soles were present at the event, per Business of Fashion.

The only remaining question is: What happens to the TW logo? The copyrights are owned by Tiger Woods. But fans will have to wait before finding out if the Hall of Famer will take his own shoe line to Sun Day Red or not.



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