‘More Enjoyable Than My Golf’: PGA Tour Pro Makes An Honest Confession While Enjoying His Track Time

Published 08/16/2023, 10:43 AM EDT

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Two stalwarts of the golfing world were seen speeding on Tuesday. But surprisingly this time it was not on the driving range. To everyone’s surprise, it was on the racing tracks sponsored by BMW!

The golfers were finding the new found speed thrilling as they hopped in the car for one quick lap. Watch as the thrilling need for speed gave them an adrenaline rush never experiences before.

A Shift from Greens to the Tracks


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Golfers Shane Lowry and Matt Fitzpatrick, took up a daring adventure at a timed autocross event. Autocross is a simplistic racing course that presents participants with a standing start, requiring them to accelerate as swiftly as possible and come to a halt near the finish line at a designated blue box.

The lap times of the golfers were recorded on a speed board, with the fastest lap ultimately bagging the win. Shane Lowry, sporting his classic beard and dressed in black, admitted to feeling a surge of nerves before the race.

Yet he was excited about the prospect of completing a single quick lap. Matt Fitzpatrick on the other hand drew parallels between racing and golf. He said that both activities involve a similar mental approach – building momentum and aiming for an exceptional performance at a crucial moment.

“You’re kind of just building yourself up and then hopefully have a low one on Sunday. And, same here. Hopefully, I have a fast last lap.” said Fitzpatrick before starting his lap.

A Thrilling Encounter on the Tracks

As the racing event kicked off, Shane Lowry was the first one to fire off and was evidently having a fun time. He said “I feel like I’m going so fast but still not fast enough” Despite his initial start filled with energy, Lowry’s lap took an unexpected twist!


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He accelerated after crossing the finish line, only to brake abruptly as he reached the blue parking box. Fitzpatrick, however, exhibited a smoother and quicker performance, showcasing precision and control on the racing track. His performance was slightly better than Lowry’s as he drove quickly and smoothly and parked into the blue box.

The climax of the event arrived when Fitzpatrick’s lap time was announced – an impressive 23.04 seconds!

Fitzpatrick who won the lap also then revealed that he was flooring the route that Lowry was on and he had the second goers advantage. Lowry really enjoyed and said “this has been more enjoyable that my golf lately but its over quicker.”


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The two golfers found their escape and paradise at a racing course. What are your thoughts on the golfers’ exciting adventure? Let us know in the comments below.

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