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‘Must Be Desperate’: Phil Mickelson’s Unique Jordan Kicks Leaves Golf World in a Puzzle

Published 02/27/2023, 10:19 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Phil Mickelson is by far the most controversial player on the LIV Tour. The 6-time major winner has thrashed many legendary golfers and even the PGA Tour since his resignation. He has spoken up about LIV Golf providing him the freedom and independence he never experienced at the PGA Tour.

Moreover, he also delivered backhanded compliments to fellow golfer Tiger Woods. Wherein he passed some criticisms about his equipment. However, now Lefty is going viral for using the product of a brand that is endorsed by the legend.

What did Phil Mickelson wear to the Mayakoba event?


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The internet broke when Lefty was spotted wearing Nike shoes to LIV Golf’s Mayakoba event. 

Last year, when everyone was slamming Mickelson for his move to LIV Golf, he decided to trash the PGA Tour and the golf legend. Moreover, he said Tiger is a legendary player because only he can work with inferior equipment. Which was a direct shot at his Nike endorsements. 


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Nike has been a partner of Woods since 1996. The GOAT wore Nike sneakers to all the golf tournaments before his accident. Moreover, he switched from Titleist to Nike driver and irons. Woods has won six majors with the Nike ball, two of which were with a Nike driver. He set a scoring record in his first event with the company’s irons.

However, him wearing the shoes of the same brand he called out to be a year just a year ago, is something no one expected to see. Furthermore, this has given golf fans the golden opportunity to roast the former PGA Tour golfer.






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Bob Wood, the president of Nike golf, noted that in terms of driving statistics, Tiger improved in all three categories listed, while Mickelson’s performance declined. Therefore, Mickelson’s assertion was completely bogus.

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Phil later retracted his statement and said that his aim was not to target any manufacturer. However, he was just trying to appreciate the golf great’s talent and skills.




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