“This S**t’s Crazy”- Legend Michael Jordan’s Mentorship Towards JR Smith Extends Beyond NBA Boundaries Leaving the Latter Euphoric

Published 06/21/2023, 8:45 AM EDT

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Golf is such a refined sport with so much gravity, that even pro athletes from other fields cannot help but partake in a round or two. Among them, NBA legend Michael Jordan, happens to be a big fan of the sport. He loves to play, especially with pro golfers, and sometimes even encourages amateur players.

One such aspiring amateur golfer is former NBA two-time champion J.R. Smith and he has a story to share. He recently had the opportunity to play alongside Jordan, and his enthusiasm speaks for itself.

J.R. Smith goes toe-to-toe with Michael Jordan through 36 holes


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Former NBA player turned amateur college golfer J.R. Smith, recently played a round with the NBA legend, and couldn’t stop raving about it. He was excited and more than grateful to Jordan for taking the time out for the game. But more than anything, he still couldn’t believe that he got the chance to play with his idol.


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The former LA Lakers Shooting Guard has always venerated Michael Jordan.

“I shouldn’t even be doing this, but I can’t help it,” said Smith in the video. “I just played golf with my idol, bro. Like this s**t ain’t even… this s**t’s crazy.” The newly turned golfer was euphoric as he drove and filmed the video posted on his team’s Instagram account. “That s**t was everything, man…” Smith added.

After deciding to pursue his education and complete his college degree at North Carolina A&T, Smith retired from the NBA. Now with the new-found opportunity, he entered the world of college golf as an amateur and aspires to conquer the sport in whatever capacity he can.

Although it may be a while before we see him on the circuit, turns out Smith already accomplished something big when he had the opportunity to play three rounds of Nassau across 36 holes with Michael Jordan. Reportedly, they even placed wagers on the gameplay and enjoyed every second of it.

Michael Jordan’s love for golf

MJ has played with several big names in the golfing community including, Tiger Woods, Rickie Fowler, and Chuck Daly. Fowler once said, “I think it’s very beneficial for me. One, you’re playing against MJ, one of the most clutch guys there is. He’s good, especially when you get him around the greens and putting. He’ll putt anyone straight up.” He admires the Chicago Bulls legend’s dedication to the sport of golf, and said that he ended up learning from him.

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Another example of MJ’s passion for the sport is his relationship with Woods. One of the major factors that cemented Jordan and Tiger Woods‘ friendship was golf. Reportedly, when he was 14 years old, the 15 times major winner declared that he wanted to grow up to be the Michael Jordan of Golf! No doubt he fulfilled that promise.


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In the case of J.R. Smith, Michael has always been an inspiration in the sporting world. He revered him for years. He says that in a way the Hall of Famer mentored him in his former career as well. Now that Jordan picked up a golf club to play a round with Smith, he credits his skills to his mentor yet again.

Michael Jordan’s love for golf has been a testament to the regality of the sporting endeavor. He loves to play the game with integrity, albeit his fondness to play mind games with wagers and words is yet another reason subject. J.R. Smith’s exuberance in the aftermath of the friendly match is palpable, even though Michael used similar tactics with him. His takeaway from the experience is the joy of playing alongside MJ in the first place. After all, who could pass up such a divine opportunity.


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What do you think of Smith’s experience of playing with the NBA GOAT? Share with us what you think in the comments down below.

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