Nervy Footage Captures a Hungry Alligator Taking a Casual Stroll on a Golf Course

Published 01/11/2022, 7:45 AM EST

Golf is a sport which is not only loved by humans but by few animals too. We can say this as, recently, an alligator was spotted casually strolling through a golf course.

After an orangutan driving a golf cart and a monster crab broke a driver, an alligator was spotted taking a walk across a golf course in Florida.


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Alligator strolling through Florida Golf Course

In a video shared by FOX 35, an alligator is seen strolling through the Tara Golf and Country Club in Florida.

The alligator in the video is simply using the golf course as a cross-walk. He came from the pond from one side of the course and walked across the course to get to the other pond.


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The alligator can be seen carrying his food in his mouth.

The videographer seems to be shooting the footage from a golf cart. As the golf cart entered near the alligator, the reptile took a sprint. Even though the cart didn’t get anywhere near the alligator, the reptile might have thought that it is coming for the fish in his mouth.

Alligator visits the golf course more than the golfers do!

Since the golf courses are built around water resources, it is not the first time an alligator was spotted on one. Although the Fox 35 video is interesting, here is another video that had the viewer’s interest. 

In the video, a massive alligator was seen taking a stroll at the Fripp Island Golf & Beach Resort, South Carolina. Although it doesn’t do anything much than taking a walk, the size of the alligator made the video viral.


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Why do alligators are often spotted on golf courses?

The alligators are often spotted on the golf courses on the east coast. The reason for the same is that it is the natural habitat of alligators. Although the reptiles keep themselves in the water most of the time, they come out in the spring season; The spring is the season where they mate.


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Although they are dangerous, none of the alligators in any of the videos shows any dangerous behaviors towards human beings.



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