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‘Next F***ing Tiger Woods’: Hours After Being a Joke on Internet, the 47-Year-Old Gets Dragged Into Limelight; Fans React

Published 11/18/2023, 11:19 AM EST

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Golf is famous for the talks that happen on its courses. One such conversation between two golfing professionals recently saw the light of day. Interestingly, their chit-chat involved not one but two famous names from the world of golf.

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Fans were quick to react to this piece of conversation shared on a social media platform. The people involved had made a stark comparison between golf champion Tiger Woods and a new sensation filled with potential, Ludvig Aberg and their gameplay. This juicy talk in a Starbucks cafe has everyone’s eyes set on it.

Insider conversation shocks the golf world


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Tiger Woods’ supreme position in the world of golf is no secret to anyone remotely involved in the game. However, his name has been appearing on the golf charts for more than one reason recently. The viral conversation in question is no exception to this wind of Tiger Woods’s name being all around. This news comes as a shocker amid the hatred being poured out against Tiger Woods’ TGL Golf. Many fans mocked the technology-driven league started by Woods. Therefore, the dichotomy of this tweet caught the eye of the rest of the golf world.

The famous Starbucks conversation between the unnamed PGA Tour winners was centered around appreciating the rising fame of Ludvig Aberg for his master shots on the course. The unknown pros even went on to compare his rise in the game to Tiger Woods, who has a stronghold on the game of golf.


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The tweet read, “A (real) conversation between two TOUR winners at Starbucks this morning: Player 1: “There is no world where we’d be able to beat Ludvig on a consistent basis.” Player 2: “I didn’t really know who he was. After playing 6 holes with him, I thought he was the next f—ing Tiger Woods.”

This conversation went viral on Twitter hours after its release online. The interesting comparison of the 24-year-old with the legendary professional golfer, Tiger Woods, gathered all kinds of reactions from golf fans in a short span of time.

Fans react to juicy inside news

The viral coffee conversation that was praising Ludvig Aberg on his insane golf game has become the talk of the town. Fans from around the world were reacting to the comparison between Ludvig Aberg and the legendary Tiger Woods.

The reactions were an interesting mix of criticisms, confessions and corrections. The comments section was filled with a diversity of reactions like no other.

Filled with disbelief over the comparison, one of the fans was quick to call out the source, stating their lack of belief in the actuality of the case at hand. Interestingly, their apprehensions were smoothened and it was confirmed that the conversation was indeed real.

Adding to the list of back-to-back reactions was also a curious query by an X user. They were quick to criticize their selection of cafes.

Busting all myths of the sanctity of this tweet, golf world sensation Wesley Bryan came forward and accepted the charge of being the Player 1 quoted in the tweet.

Another fan was quick to put their critical thinking cap on and declared that they would only believe this comparison when the condition they had stated will be met.

Adding to the list of people who were stunned by Ludvig’s game was this other fan. They made a prediction for this budding golfer’s future.

Another showed their admiration for Ludvig Aberg. They complimented his strategy while playing golf. They also made it clear that this has been their opinion from the start and that they talked about it first.


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One of the fans also added their name to the list of people who did not agree with this comparison of everyone who performs well to Tiger Woods. In fact, they pointed out how the golf world should stop doing this as a practice.


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In conclusion, the fans were left in awe of this intriguing conversation involving the center of their TGL jokes, Tiger Woods. They expressed their opinions without fear. What do you think about the piece of conversation that recently went viral? Share your views in the comments sections below.

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