‘The Sandy Mound’: Paige Spiranac’s Tease for Usher Leaves Super Bowl Fans in Frenzy

Published 02/11/2024, 11:31 PM EST

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It’s the Super Bowl LVIII season. While most tuned in to watch their favorite NFL stars battle it out on the field, many also looked forward to the iconic Super Bowl half-time show. But this time around, even after having a star-studded line-up that includes artists like Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, and Ludacris, the half-time performance has failed to impress the audience. Well, even the golf mommy chose to share her grievances, but they were directed toward one particular performer on the show.

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Back in 2023, Paige Spiranac introduced her sizzling alter ego “Sandy Mounds” to the world, and this time around she decided to bring her back only for Usher’s performance at the Allegiant Stadium. The netizens also had a few words on the return of Miss Mounds.

Sandy Mounds makes a comeback on X 


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After watching a stunning performance by Usher, Paige Spiranac, though impressed, thought of another way that it could have been improved. The golf mommy sent out a tweet regarding the same and shared her funny complaint that, despite Sandy Mounds being an excellent pole dancer, Usher did not ring her phone.

As a matter of fact, Spiranac shared not only the poles but Miss Mounds was good with the roller blades as well. She said, “You should see what she can do with the roller blades,” as Usher performed on skates as well. Spiranac performing with Usher would have been a dreamy Super Bowl for golf fans. Sandy Mounds is Spiranac’s special character from 2023.


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The golf mommy, known for her bold choices, has also garnered a lot of criticism for them. But the 30-year-old is not the one to bow down to her naysayers. Back in May 2023, Spiranac hit back at her critics by posting a satirical video that contained the details of the next chapter in her career.

Paige Spiranac is already an internet sensation, but her Mounds avatar has left people awe-struck since its introduction. From the various tweets, it seems like the ‘Mounds magic’ is still very much alive, and people remain obsessed with her.

Paige Spiranac’s Mounds look stuns her fans

The netizens wasted no time and hoped on their keyboards to share their thoughts on what the performance could have been like if only the golf diva had chosen to grace the stage with her presence alongside Usher.

From the comments of one fan, it looked as if they didn’t like Usher’s performance as much. They said that the presence of Mounds with Usher “would’ve made that show bearable and down right entertaining!”

Another fan found the lack of collaboration between Usher and Spiranac a “missed opportunity” for the musician.

One supporter of Spiranac exclaimed that Mounds’s performance could’ve been so good that it would’ve stolen the show!

One fan complimented Spiranac’s avatar as “multi talented” and went on to say that she should be performing at “every halftime show!”

There were more fans of Mounds than the Halftime show, as this fan found that Mounds’s dance at the show was the only thing that “could’ve improved it.”

Usher couldn’t get this fan on his side, as they claimed that Mounds would have made the performance more exciting and requested Metallic be played at the Super Bowl.


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Lastly, another fan approved of Mounds at the Super Bowl and said she “would’ve crushed it!”


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The Spiranac fandom was set ablaze with the golf mommy’s different avatars. Sandy Mounds, though an alter ego, has somewhat become a favorite of her admirers. Did you also like Paige Spiranac’s recent look? Tell us in the comments!

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