‘No Glamour in Alcoholism’: Fans Blast John Daly as Recent Actions Turn Against His Medical Condition

Published 02/19/2024, 9:29 PM EST

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John Daly seems to be setting all the wrong examples even years after going through rehab to cure his addiction. A few years ago when he was asked about his alcohol addiction, Daly said, “I don’t want to quit drinking. I just don’t want to get drunk.” The 57-year-old golf star has always been very honest with his people about his ‘notorious addictions’. He once revealed in an interview how he played numerous professional tournaments drunk. The two-time Major winner, infamous for his battles with alcoholism and relapse, once again spoke candidly about his love for drinking.

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Daly revealed that he can still guzzle down a copious amount of alcohol. But fans were anything but impressed with Daly bragging about his alcohol consumption. In the short video clip, Daly reveals his signature brand, Good Boy Vodka. The host Carlson asked how many of those ‘good boys’ he could gulp at once. Daly replied, “I can drink forty of these in a day.

A shocked Carlson asked again, “How many?” To which Daly replied instantly, “40 easily.” Sitting beside him was Kid Rock, smoking a cigar. Pointing towards the American rapper, the PGA Tour Pro said, “I’ve sat with him and drank three bottles of vodka.” Kid Rock, chuckled and added, “Confirmed.”


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Daly has been in rehab twice for alcoholism. He first went through alcohol rehab at the end of 1992. Then in 1995 he won the British Open while sober, but resumed drinking a year later. In 1997, Daly went on a drinking spree again during The Players Championship, trashed his hotel room and ultimately split with his wife.

After staying sober for 26 months, Daly fell off the wagon again in 1999. He lost his contract with Callaway Golf because the contract included he wouldn’t drink or gamble again. Not that he had any regrets. Daly’s gambling was also as notorious as his drinking. It was reported that Callaway had cleaned up about $1.7 million in gambling debts when it signed Daly to a contract. He had lost about $500,000 during his gambling spree in Las Vegas. After the split with Callaway, Daly said he gambled in a riverboat casino in Tunica. As he continued to gamble he lost an estimated $12 million from 1993 to 1996.

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Although Daly voiced his love for booze before, rarely has he found strong support. This time too, fans felt Daly was exaggerating. Even then, the PGA Tour Pro shouldn’t be bragging about severe alcoholism, they felt. 

Fans are not on board with Daly’s revelation 

Netizens were ruthless in slamming Daly for his comments. Some resorted to sarcasm, while others were more direct in criticizing the 1995 Open Championship winner. 


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A section of netizens felt it was just a few old men past their prime bragging about their drinking ability. “Old dudes talking about how much they can drink as a brag.” One fan pointed out that it feels good until the effects start showing up. “It’s all good until you wake up shaking like a leaf cuz the DT’s are so bad and you don’t know what to do.” Daly, notably, was drunk on the course twice; one time he even beat Tiger Woods, by his own admission.


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Some people thought John Daly had become irrelevant. They are least interested in watching Daly talk about how much he can drink. “Why am I seeing this bulls**t?,” commented one of them. While some folks on the Internet straightaway called him a liar, They felt Daly, despite cutting back on his alcohol consumption, was doing this to market his product. “JD (is) lying. He’s cut way back on the booze and cigs since his bladder cancer surgery. Doctors have warned him it may come back and he needs to slow his roll. This is just image marketing. There is no glamour in alcoholism.” 

Others, too, thought the same. One fan wrote, “Bragging about severe alcoholism really is a bit strange.” While some felt it was a bit juvenile to brag about this, “It would be cool if you were in high school.


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Be it honest admission or marketing, it hasn’t worked well for John Daly. The 57-year-old  notorious for his bold choices, be it on drinks, sponsorships, or apparel, has once again landed in the crosshairs for his alcohol consumption.



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