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A Bittersweet Update About Two Golf Giants Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson

Published 05/14/2022, 1:00 PM EDT

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The golf world is at a place right now where fans don’t know whether they should be happy or sad. On one hand, Tiger Woods is likely to be playing the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills next week. But unfortunately, the last year’s champion of the event will not be there to defend his title. 

The official Twitter profile of the PGA Championship posted a statement regarding Phil Mickelson’s absence from the upcoming event. According to the post, the golfer chose to withdraw from the tournament.


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Mickelson is more than eligible to attend the event as he is the current defending champion of the PGA Championship. Mickelson had won the 2021 edition of the major championship at 50 and became the oldest player to win a major in golf. Significantly, it was his sixth time winning a major.

However, the golfer has opted not to attend the tournament this year and defend his title. He has been inactive for a prolonged time after making controversial remarks on the Golf LIV Series and PGA Tour. 


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Notably, Mickelson had also withdrawn from the Masters last month. It was the first time in 28 years that he has ever chosen not to attend the Invitational event at the Augusta National. 

Mickelson was initially in the field t0 attend the PGA Championship. However, after his withdrawal update, the tournament removed his name from the official field

Tiger Woods confirmed to play at the 2022 PGA Championship?

According to reports, Tiger Woods is listed on Tuesday for the pre-championship interviews at the PGA Championship. He is scheduled to face the media at 1.00 pm ET, which means he is likely to participate in the event!

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The major at the Southern Hills will be the second official tournament for Woods in 2022. Although it wasn’t his best score at the Augusta National, Woods survived the cut. He finished four rounds and positioned himself in the 47th place on the leaderboard. 


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Notably, Woods had revealed that he would be only playing important events on the Tour from now. Furthermore, he has already registered to play at the U. S. Open, and so has Mickelson. 


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Tiger has a high chance of playing at the PGA Championship, whereas Mickelson has none. Do you think the golf fans will ever get to see two of the best of all time in the same tournament once again?

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