USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

He’s now a 2-time winner on the PGA Tour. Peter Malnati, the 36-year-old golfer, managed to rake in his second win after nine whole years at the Valspar Championship that ended recently. Surprisingly, he could put himself in the limelight through his scintillating display of golf. But, what drove the final nail and stole everyone’s hearts was his emotional response that came soon after the victory.

A video of his interview was shared by the PGA Tour on its Instagram handle just an hour ago as soon as the athlete topped the field. Meanwhile, many of his fans couldn’t help but respond to the post as soon as it was uploaded, showcasing the immense amount of support he received for the same.

Peter Malnati sheds tears after his 2nd PGA Tour win


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“I told myself that I was gonna do my best on every shot, and that’s what I did,” said a passionate Malnati after his win at the Copperhead Course. Also, he divulged how nervous he was coming down the final stretch as he pointed out how terrible the approach on the 16th was. Regardless, he admitted tearfully, “You can’t describe it, it’s so cool, it’s so cool to share it with, like… it’s just amazing, it’s just amazing.”

Elaborating on the feeling of winning after nine whole years, the pro expressed disbelief as he said, “I mean, you wonder if you’re ever gonna do it again, you know.” Adding on, he mentioned how hard it was to finally get his second PGA Tour win as he highlighted the increasing competition, “If you look at the level of talent out here, guys coming out when they’re 20 years old and… they’re so good.” Consequently, for Peter Malnati, that’s what makes it so special as he emotionally confessed, “To have this moment, it just feels so amazing.”

“My family believes in me,” said the 36-year-old before going ahead to acknowledge the amount of support he received from his looper, Chad Antus, as well, “I’ve got the best caddie. He’s been loyal to me for a long time, through a lot of downtimes too.” Moreover, Malnati broke down as he expressed his gratitude to his family, especially his “amazing” wife, mom, and two little boys as he disclosed tearfully, “Life is really really hard too when you’re trying to figure out how to live this lifestyle and have two kids and be everything that you wanna be… and my wife has been an absolute rock through all of it.”


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Meanwhile, the post saw itself flooded with heartwarming reactions as soon as it was uploaded on Instagram. As a result, the comments section exploded with responses from various followers of the Monahan-led circuit.

Peter Malnati’s emotional interview sends fans into a frenzy

From genuinely congratulating the professional for his second PGA Tour win to using this opportunity to chew out LIV Golf, the post raked in a lot of comments. Anyhow, let us take a quick look at some of these responses.

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A fan came forward to take a jab at the Saudi-backed league as they commented, “Will never see that at a LIV Tournament.” However, another enthusiast was quick to retort, “Of course, you had to make it about LIV instead of just being happy for the guy,” pointing out the unnecessary prod at the breakaway Tour. Seems there are still people in the community hating LIV Golf ever since its inception in 2021.

Here comes another comment against the PIF-funded circuit. A follower responded, “This is why I’ll take the PGA over LIV every day. Guys grinding week after week and year after year! Winning means more on the PGA tour!” Interestingly, through this comment, they highlighted the format of the Monahan-led league, which witnesses athletes vying for a win in tournaments every week as opposed to the limited number of events on LIV Golf.


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A fan went ahead to bring to attention the amount of hard work that was put in by the golfer as he reacted, “A lot of work goes into this. Interviews like this are what you see when the ultimate result is reached.” Out of the 258 events he played on the circuit, Peter Malnati finished one time as a runner-up while placing 12 times inside the top 10 positions in the 125 cuts he made. Seems the comment does hit the right spot.

On the other hand, another enthusiast recounted the time he played with the champ at Sycamore Hills. The fan recollected, “The classiest guy ever. Played with him in a pro-am at Sycamore Hills a few years ago and a week later I got a card from him, telling me he enjoyed playing with me and the rest of our group. Who does that? He introduced us to his wife as well! He deserves all good things!”

Another fan highlighted the opportunities coming his way owing to the win at the Valspar Championship. They commented, “Good for him. Looking forward to him playing more now with the exemptions and majors next on his plate,” as he alluded to the invitations he would receive for the major tournaments and the rest of the signature events, as a result of the same.


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Truly a heartwarming moment for the American Professional. Who knew a figure of 12-under 272 over the four days of play would help him clinch a title? Take a bow, Malnati!

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