‘Copycat’: Amid Strives to Fulfil Dad Tiger Woods’ Legacy, Charlie Woods’ Mannerism Becomes a ‘Fan Deja-Vu’ Moment

Published 10/08/2023, 8:12 PM EDT

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Tiger Woods has long cemented his name into the annals of the game’s history through his exceptional skills and techniques. Rarely does one find another golfer who can rival or replicate his ability and success. But it seems as if someone is well on their way to doing so. It’s none other than his son, Charlie Woods.

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The 14-year-old has been making waves in the world of golf. And now, a certain video has managed to turn many heads to the young golfer as his presence on the course reminisces a younger version of his father, surprising and amazing many!

Charlie Woods’ golf game reminds fans of a young Tiger Woods


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The 2023 TGR JR Invitational is being held this week at Pebble Beach and the GOAT himself will be hosting the tournament. But currently, his son has been hogging the limelight owing to a video of the young prodigy that was uploaded on social media.

A post was uploaded by NUCLR GOLF that showcases the legend’s son engaging in a practice round at Pebble Beach all the while asking the viewers to describe it through its comments. Charlie was seen accompanied by his father who was observing the shot made by his son, who drove the ball magnificently.


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Well, one can’t help but hark back to a younger version of the Hall of Famer as he makes the exquisite shot and the follow-through swing. Moreover, his attire flat-out reminds the community of the 47-year-old when he dons a black sleeveless sweater over his red T-shirt.

Nevertheless, the young golfer would not have even thought of how much the video of him swinging would blow up when he made the shot. It evoked a frenzy of reactions as people took to the comments to respond to the tweet.

Charlie Woods is being dubbed as a copycat!

Many heads have turned to the young golfer every time he takes to the course, especially with his father. This time also proved to be no different as a lot of enthusiasts took to X (previously known as Twitter) to express their views on the shot made by the junior Woods. Let us take a quick look at the same.

The swing and the pose were an exact copy of the legend as he made his shot on the course. And, it doesn’t come off as a surprise when someone points that out in one word.

Well, like father, like son, as the saying goes. And rightfully said so by another one of Woods’ fans as they mentioned how identical Charlie seemed to his father.

A lot of words can be used to describe the legend’s shots. But with his son’s advent into the game along with his guidance, it is only a small matter of time before someone dubs the young prodigy with the same words.

An ardent fan could not help but come out in support of the youngster as he took a jab at many people who were mocking him. Well, he’s not wrong when he points out how the junior golfer is much better than them.

There will always be people who are critical of others. And, a netizen did not let go of the opportunity as he pointed out how everything was given on a silver platter to the teenager because of his legend of a father.


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A single look at the teenager would showcase the amount of training he has put into his ripped body. It doesn’t come as a surprise when an average enthusiast sees each of his swings along with the performance he manages to pull off every time.


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What do you think of the video that was uploaded? Do you think Charlie looks like a young Tiger Woods? Share your thoughts below.

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