‘F**k Yeah’: Tiger Woods Becomes a Beacon of Hope for the Golf World as a Fan Confesses a Distressing Diagnosis

Published 10/30/2023, 9:00 AM EDT

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Stories of people who recovered from massive health setbacks can be very inspiring. Especially if the individual is an athlete, and they got back to compete again. Even more so, when it’s someone like Tiger Woods, who is claimed to be the face of his sport. After his fateful car accident, the legend recovered and claimed another Masters trophy, proving that he still had it. 

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But did you know that a story of someone who took Tiger Woods’ recovery as an inspiration can also be equally inspiring? Recently, a post of a golf enthusiast who had a serious health issue, taking inspiration from Woods, was shared on Instagram. The post is attracting the right kind of attention from the golf world. 

Reddit user takes inspiration from Tiger Woods


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The Instagram page golf on CBS recently shared a post from a Reddit user. The user goes by the name jxrxsx on reddit. The picture he shared in the post shows him on a hospital bed. Near the bed on a curtain is a Tiger Woods poster. 

The caption read, “Just got diagnosed with spinal stroke at age 21. Three of four limbs paralysed. If Tiger could come back from having difficulty walking to winning the Masters, I know I can get back on the course one day.” 


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Phil Mickelson had liked the post, which is a throwback of the original post the user put up on his Reddit profile in 2019. He had posted a few updates over the years, on his health upgrades. Roughly two months after he diagnosed with a c5-c6 spinal stroke, he was already able to walk on how own. 

A year later, he updated that after a lot of pain and frustration and many other hiccups, with the love from family, friends, and followers online, he could swing a golf club again. He uploaded a video of him shooting a golf ball, with considerable difficulty.


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He notably participated in the United Golf Disabled Open Golf Championship, roughly a year back. In the post about the tournament, he had shared a picture he took after scoring a hole in one as well. 

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Coming back to the recent Instagram post, the golf world took kindly to the throwback. Fans shared heartfelt commentS on the inspiring attitude the man displayed. 

Golf world showers admiration and love on the Tiger Woods fan

Some comments were supportive and affectionate. Some expressed admiration and respect. There were a few comments from celebrities as well. Let’s look into a few highlights of the comment section under this post. 

A long but important comment this one is. This fan can probably relate to the struggles of the Reddit user judging from their story that they shared briefly. “F**k yeah you can mate. I’m just about to start playing again after 8 years, 8 heart attacks and a spot of stage 3 cancer. Legs are shot but I can stand and shuffle a bit – just needs me a cart and I’m set. You got this bro, I’m following along to see you dominate it 💪🏻🇦🇺👍” Respect to both the warriors. 

Pro surfer Kelly Slater had commented on the post. He wrote, “Best of luck and focus to this man. 💪🏽”


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Alexis Ohanian, who co-owns one of the TGL teams, also commented. He wrote, “Keep fighting, redditor! Mindset above all”

One fan had expressed their urge to get more updates on the situation. “I hope to see an update post down the road! 🙏🏽🙏🏽” We hope they find the updates that the Reddit user had shared since the first one. 

A person of religious faith had expressed their support under the post. “I’ll be praying for you!”


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This one fan was very thoughtful and recommended something that the Reddit user would love to receive. “Get this guy a FaceTime w/ Tiger & some gear” The most recent update from the redditor has been about his game setup. Hopefully, he is having more satisfying golf experiences now.

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