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Golf is a game of persistence, as much as it is of luck. Tiger Woods, interestingly, is no stranger to falling at a crossroads with destiny. No matter how strong a player is, destiny is something none of them can overpower.

How else could one explain the several frowned-upon shanks that he has undergone? Even though, the pro chooses to remain calm most of the time, misfortunes and Mr. Woods seem to almost have a toxic relationship where one just can’t seem to let go of the other.

So what are some of the instances that left Tiger Woods perplexed (and even angry)?


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1. Tiger Woods’s shank at the 2024 Genesis Invitational

Tracing back to his long-standing back issues, the 15-time Major winner experienced a resurgence of back spasms recently at Riviera. His health conditions made it so that the famous professional golfer went through a dreaded shank after years of such an occurrence.

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What makes it worse is that this season’s debut was supposed to set the tone right for Tiger Woods’s struggling competitive golf career.

After all, his ankle issues were no child’s play. But after months of fighting with one physical ailment, another seems to have added to Woods’s misfortune on the greens.

2. When Woods shanked it despite being on top of the world rankings in 2006

It is not just an injured Tiger Woods who has faced the wrath of a shank, although.

Back in 2006, when the sensation was on top of his game, he faced a similar saga at the Cialis Western Open.

3. Yet another shank at the Players Championship followed by the frowned upon “F-bomb”

Adding to his list of shanks was the one he shot at the Players Championship.

What made the most dreaded situation worse was the famous star’s four-lettered comeback to this occurrence, very unlike the elegance that is boasted of the game of golf.

4. When Woods lost his 9-iron during the 2006 Ryder Cup


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The year 2006 had its fair share of misfortunes lined up for the star. Despite ruling the game at the time, Woods had his 9-iron sink in the lake during the Ryder Cup.

Even though it was a result of his former caddie, Steve Williams’s “buttery finger“, it did cost the 82-time PGAT champ his clubs. The same year Woods’s Team USA also lost the Ryder Cup to Team Europe.


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What are your views on these unfortunate events that Tiger Woods has had to face? Share your take in the comments section below.

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