Tiger Woods’s Rumored Nike Abandonment May Have to Do More With Money Than Legacy

Published 12/18/2023, 7:58 PM EST

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Tiger Woods has built up nothing short of a spectacular legacy in the sport. Among the list of accomplishments happens to be the partnership of more than a quarter of a century with one of the biggest athletic apparel brands in the world — Nike. However, it seems as if his legacy on the greens wasn’t enough to maintain the longtime relationship anymore.

Although it has not been confirmed, there has been increasing speculation of a possible breakup between the two giants. But even so, with a player like Woods, one might think that his name on the greens alone is enough to keep the swoosh close. However, it appears unlikely to be the case!

Is Tiger Woods’s legacy not enough for Nike?


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It seems the special relationship that started in 1996 for $40 million and which grew to a $200 million one in 2013 would probably see an end. And, with the deal up for renegotiation followed by his recent actions on course with his son, Charlie Woods, and the brand FootJoy, rumors of the separation have anything but strengthened. But even so, isn’t the legend’s renown on the course more than enough to keep the $184.36 billion giant as a partner?

For the past decade, the swoosh has struggled a lot to compete with other brands on the market. And, the brand pulling back its production of golfing clubs in 2016 did not help in any way in the sport. Such a development might have already put a dent in the profits that the brand was able to rake in from golf over the last 10 years.


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Adding on, amidst all these troubles, it seems their partnership with the 82X PGA Tour champ did not guarantee them any sort of success. Moreover, the 47-year-old and his on-course appearance with a different brand coupled with his son signing with Greyson Clothiers did not help in any way. It sounds like his legacy over the 27 years would not help anymore if the Swoosh is unable to gain any profit from the same since the brand’s stock reached a low of $82.22 in October 2022.

Nevertheless, nothing has been confirmed as of now regarding the deal and the renegotiation between the two giants. However, it does make one curious as to when it all started to go wrong for the two over the years.


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Woods and his strained relationship with Nike

The golfer decided to turn to FootJoy during his 2023 Masters appearance, citing reasons of better mobility and easier swing. Besides, his recent stint at the Hero World Challenge donning the brand’s Premiere Series Wilcox footwear did not help at all with the rumored strained relationship.


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The increased speculation, followed by his precious son joining another brand, has drawn a certain picture in the community that is hard to ignore. However, one can only wait as the two sort it out themselves to either end or continue what could be called one of the longest partnerships in golf.

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