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PGA Tour’s Blunt 5-Word Response After Betraying Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Leaves Golf World in Splits

Published 06/07/2023, 2:30 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

The golf world is buzzing with excitement and controversy as the PGA Tour and LIV Golf (the Saudi-funded upstart), have announced their intention to merge.

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With the recent comments by PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan, on Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, it only raises questions of loyalty and transparency for the loyalists. The most prominent figures find themselves in the dark, prompting speculation about the future of the game.

Uncertainty for players due to LIV golf and PGA Tour merger


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The news, unveiled through a tweet by CBS Sports reporter Kyle Porter, has triggered a wave of reactions from fans and players alike. Amidst the frenzy, questions arise about the loyalty of golf’s biggest stars, such as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, who were seemingly kept in the dark.

Monahan shed some light on the secretive nature of the merger during a media interaction. He explained that certain binding elements prevented him from involving the players in the decision-making process. However, Monahan assured that the deal is still in its preliminary stages, awaiting review by the Tour’s policy board and input from Woods, McIlroy, and other players. Despite the lack of consultation, Monahan emphasized that player perspectives were crucial and would be considered moving forward.


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As the news spread like wildfire on social media, fans were quick to voice their opinions. Many were surprised to learn that even legendary golfer Tiger Woods, who reportedly declined a lucrative offer to join LIV Golf, was unaware of the deal.

via Reuters

The news of the merger must have come as a shock to golfing superstars Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, who have been vocal in their opposition to the Saudi-funded league. Woods had previously stated that the two leagues could only merge if specific conditions were met. Meanwhile, McIlroy expressed his desire to see LIV Golf disappear from the golfing landscape.

Loyalty and trust: Fan skepticism surrounding the merger

As news of the historic merger between the two Tours circulates, fans are expressing a range of reactions, raising valid points and voicing their anxieties. Here are some of the intriguing fan responses:

Fans are curious about the implications of the merger on the wider golfing community. One fan commented, “What about everyone else?”

Some fans express skepticism based on past experiences, implying a lack of trust in the decisions made by golf authorities. As one fan left a comment, “Yeah, great record of that so far.”

One fan questions the credibility and trustworthiness of those involved in making the merger decisions. By commenting, “I’m at a total loss how he thinks they should trust what he has to say”

A sarcastic remark hints at concerns about the financial aspects of the merger. The fan said, “lol, the blood money bribing has already begun”

Fans express doubts about the sincerity and reliability of the information provided by golf officials. As one fan left a comment, “And why would anyone take what he says seriously at this point”

Fans emphasize the importance of hearing directly from the LIV Golf players. One fan exclaimed, “We need to hear from the LIV guys. Dechambeau went straight coo-coo this morning. His optimism aside, what’s the temp? I’m sure the majority of them are straight full of anxiety. Will they have to qualify their way back in? Is there a claw back on the money they took? Etc…”

Fans highlight the plight of players who chose to remain with the PGA Tour despite potentially life-changing financial offers from LIV Golf. Another said, “What about the dudes who stayed where LIV money would’ve actually been life changing”

Fans mention several notable players who stayed with the PGA Tour, further emphasizing the impact of the merger on their careers. One fan left a comment, “And hideki, Xander, Cantlay, rickie, JT, jordan…this list is long”

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A fan sarcastically questions the notion of players being “rewarded” after initially rejecting financial offers from LIV Golf. Another commented, ““Rewarded” with the same blood money they the originally (and rightfully) rejected.”


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Concern is expressed for players like Will, who made difficult decisions, potentially sacrificing significant financial gains due to personal circumstances. Another left a comment, “What about will? Turned down 130 million with a herniated disc and may never get back to the level he was once at. Awful”


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What do you think the future holds for golf’s biggest stars and the sport itself?

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