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Picturesque! Michael Jordan’s Florida Golf Course Is an Astoundingly Beautiful Venue

Published 10/01/2021, 3:30 PM EDT

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Back in 2019, NBA legend Michael Jordan opened his very exclusive golf course. Jordan’s love for golf is old news, and has been a highlight ever since his time with the Chicago Bulls. After retirement, however, Jordan seems to have taken his love for golf to another level by starting his own golf course.

Jordan is also one of the richest athletes in the world, which gives him the opportunity to invest in various ventures. This golf course is one venture amongst many that the basketball icon has picked up. Of course, with his golf club being extremely exclusive, not many are able to get a glimpse inside.

Here’s a look at Jordan’s picturesque course, along with some other details about the amenities and so on.


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Here’s a glimpse into Michael Jordan’s amazing Florida golf course

The Grove XXIII is as exclusive as it gets and is located in South Florida, a former citrus grove near Hobe Sound. The site itself is extremely beautiful, with a good combination of obstacles, water, and greens. Each hole is well thought out, with Jordan apparently looking for the course to “play fast and firm”, often giving way to “dramatic” matches.

One can say the course is made to look clean and suave, contemporary with short grass and well-placed hurdles.

The 15th and 16th holes are highlighted, both complex enough to turn the course of the match. Bunkers separate routes, even the putting surface “convex” for the 16th. One can also look at the course as a little “limiting”, but does have its own perks, like its irrigation canals.


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What other amenities does Joran’s course offer?


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Last year, a video was shared which showed that Jordan’s luxurious course delivers drinks via a drone. Of course, fans were in awe of the idea.

As the club remains exclusive, it is reported that Jordan apparently swears the members to secrecy. One cannot even carry their phone around. Photos inside the clubhouse are prohibited. Rickie Fowler also spoke about the course, adding that it has actually earned the name “Slaughterhouse 23”.

NASCAR’s Denny Hamlin also added that there are only 75 members, and being invited was an honor to him. The clubhouse includes locker rooms for men and women, a lounge area, a retail shop and dining facilities. Despite the mysterious air around the course, members seem to be in favor of Jordan’s vision.


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