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Rory McIlroy Likes Defending Fellow Athletes from Media Rage. Just Ask NFL RB Marshawn Lynch

Published 03/23/2022, 11:30 AM EDT

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NFL makes the players go through the obligatory press conference after every game. Annoyed with this process, the former running back of Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch had found his own way to talk to the media. While many criticized him for that, the Irish professional golfer Rory McIlroy was there for his aid. 

Nicknamed ‘Beast Mode’ for his powerful running style, Lynch never had any interest in talking to media throughout his career. However, since it is mandatory for him to talk to them after a game, the then Seahawk RB had to come up with a new way to deal with them back in 2015. He answered with, “I’m thankful,” to every question the media asked him. 


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Lynch did this after a playoff game win against the Carolina Panthers. The Seahawks had won with 31 points against the Panthers’ 17, and Lynch had played really well in the game. The RB is known for answering in such a way in the past as well. He had used “yeah,” and “thanks for asking” to acknowledge the questions then.  

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While he received mostly criticism from the media and fans alike, the four-time major winning golfer at the time, McIlroy, supported him. 

Rory McIlroy, to support Marshawn Lynch’s “I’m thankful?” 

McIlroy expressed his support to Lynch through his comments on the Sports Center’s Twitter post. 

“Love this! Paid to play not answer questions.” The Irishman was not afraid to show his support to the RB.


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McIlroy had established his name by this time as a good golfer with 20 PGA Tour titles, including four majors. Since he was already a popular name in the sports world, his comment attracted many.

Fans’ reaction to McIlroy supporting Lynch

While a few of the sports fans supported the golfer’s comment, most of them were against it. As the media interaction is part of their contracts, the fans thought McIlroy and Lynch were wrong in this situation.

Some even dared the golfer to say, “I’m thankful,” as Lynch did in his interview.


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What do you think of this situation? Do you support the players’ or the fans’ sentiments? Let us know!



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