“Rubbed a Lot of Tour Players the Wrong Way”: Despite Tiger Woods’ Absence, Resurfacing Video Proves Why He Is Still Missed

Published 09/05/2023, 11:55 AM EDT

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Recently, an old video of Tiger Woods was posted on Instagram. He was offering some valuable insights into the mindset of a good golfer. The 15-time major winner passionately emphasized his unwavering commitment to victory in every tournament he entered. He attempted to challenge the conventional notion of simply participating. “I enter to get that win,” he emphasized.

He drew parallels with football and boxing, questioning why golf should differ. Despite acknowledging the risk of failure in golf, he said it was important to have a resolute focus on winning, reinforcing the significance of a champion’s mentality!

Does Tiger Woods’ Winning Mindset Make Him Better Than Others?


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The old video of 82-time PGA Tour winner Tiger Woods resurfaced on Instagram. Tiger can be seen seated on a chair, wearing a black sweatshirt, and talking about the importance of a player’s mindset.

Tiger confessed in the video: “My mindset is simple every tournament I enter, I enter to get that win.” He questioned: why should one even enter and play an event they don’t aspire to win? He also said that initially, when he came out with this ideology, many of the tour players looked at him as if he wasn’t making sense.


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He gave the analogy of football, saying no team goes into the football field praying to be second. “[His winning mentality] Rubbed a lot of tour players the wrong way,” he said. He subsequently followed it up with another example of boxing, saying no boxer goes in the ring without the desire for a win.

The 47-year-old went on to acknowledge the fact that in the sport of golf, failure comes more often than success. He pointed out that his winning percentage was close to 24 to 25% which translated to him losing 2 to 3 quarters of the times. But he does not let these numbers and this ratio get to his mind. He keeps his mindset simple; he knows if he’s playing an event, the ultimate motive is to win.

When is Tiger Woods Going to Return to the Golf Course?

Tiger Woods has been missing in action after he withdrew from the 2023 Masters midway through after a worsening case of Plantar Fasciitis. The return timeline for Tiger Woods, according to his doctors, is tentatively 2024. The chances of him returning in 2023 are very slim.

His surgeons have also expressed a major concern that the G.O.A.T. may end up developing arthritis in various parts of his foot and ankle due to the fusion procedure he underwent. According to the doctors, his condition is part of a vicious cycle where fixing one problem may create another.


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Recently, Tiger Woods was seen walking PGA National in South Florida over Labor Day weekend. No cast or braces on his leg were seen, though he was wearing a sleeve on his right leg. He had to undergo an ankle surgery following his withdrawal from the Masters in April.

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Woods was there to attend one of the eight junior majors in South Florida. His son, Charlie Woods, played in the 54-hole event, finishing in a tie for the 35th at 10-over for the tournament. But now, fans also want Tiger Woods to be back soon and implement his winning mindset once again.


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What do you think about Tiger Woods’ thoughts on the importance of winning? Do you think that’s what sets him apart? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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