“Sell What Sells”: Amid the Sexiest Woman in Golf Backlash, Paige Spiranac Receives a Vital Validation, Courtesy of Her Mesmerized Minions

Published 09/29/2023, 6:30 AM EDT

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Paige Spiranac is a name in the golf world that doesn’t require any separate introduction. Credits for that go to her influencer status, online presence, and the engaging content she creates. While her content keeps the followers hooked, they also receive an equal amount of backlash from people. The much-successful OnlyPaige forum was also subjected to criticism when it first launched. 

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Despite such setbacks and remarks, the golf diva persisted due to her brave mindset and rigid stance. Recently, she seems to have garnered a new accolade for her hard work, and this readily drew the attention of the golf community.

‘Golf mommy’ Paige Spiranac has a new accolade to flaunt


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Paige Spiranac left professional golf in 2016. Since then, she has taken up influencing as a full-time career and dedicatedly invests her time in crafting creative videos and content to keep her followers hooked. She is even well-appreciated for her work. 

But besides appreciation, there are backlashes too. For example, her outfits and pictures are mostly sexualized, and even her OnlyPaige forum was compared to the adult website OnlyFans when it was first introduced. The pictures and videos on the forum created quite a stir, as Spiranac once talked in an interview about the same. “But I have received some comments where people are worried that this is like a gateway to p**n. And you’re not gonna be doing golf.”


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Now, after facing such harshness for her work, the diva has finally achieved something that is no less than a laurel to showcase. A golf enthusiast shared a tweet. It says, “I applaud @PaigeSpiranac for being honest about what she is. #RackEm.” To which, Spiranac said:

This post has again been re-shared by the 30-year-old with the caption, “A marketing genius”. Indeed, she is. As the post went viral on social media, it captured the eyes of cybercitizens.

Fans acknowledge Paige Spiranac as a marketing genius

As the post went viral on social media, the fans came in like swarms of bees. Most people acknowledged her as a great marketing strategist.

One fan expressed his opinion and said:

Another fan congratulated the diva on her business achievements.

Another fan chipped in a similar tone and said:

Again one said:

A fan called her beauty with brains.

One fan called her a badass.

Another fan passed a sly remark:

Also, one said:


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What do you think of Paige Spiranac’s marketing skills? Let us know in the comments below.


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