‘Terrible Etiquette’: Golf World Fumes Over Former POTUS Donald Trump’s Latest Golf Outing

Published 09/19/2022, 4:30 AM EDT

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Former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is no new to making headlines. Going back to his presidential days, the 76-year-old was often called out for his controversial words and steps. Today, he is not a part of the political setup of the country. However, that hasn’t stopped him from being in the public eye for one or the other reasons.

Taking out some time from his schedule, Trump recently headed to a golf course to polish his golf skills. However, little did he know that his leisure time would be a social media disaster for him.


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Today, the 19th of September, the golfing world rose to a viral video of Donald Trump playing golf. Coupling his renowned red cap with a blue T-shirt and black pants, Trump made a putt.

Donald Trump called out for his golfing etiquette

The former POTUS played an impressive shot, he opted to let go of a crucial golfing etiquette.

While Trump was making the putt, his golf cart was right beside him on the green.

Despite being controversial, Trump is a well-known face in the United States of America. Considering his fame, the video took no time to spread over the internet, inviting a fuming reaction from the golf world. Taking to the comments section of the video, golf fans from around the globe took charge to express their opinion on Trump’s wrongly parked cart.

“Why is his cart on the fringe, terrible etiquette, good put though, and he would be my choice,” a user wrote.

The above user opted to come up with a balanced opinion. However, that wasn’t the case with the other members of the golf world. Lashing out in comments, fans wrote:

Opinions are often called a diversified collection of views. An apt example of it was visible in the fuming reaction of the golf world. While a large section of fans called out Trump for his golf cart, another section opted to take the other road. Instead of criticizing him for his cart, these fans called him out for his putt and his reaction afterward.


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Further, Trump’s love for golf is not a newfound one. He has had cordial relations with renowned golfer John Daly. Earlier this year, he also took part in a pro-am tournament with pros like Dustin DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson. As per a record dating back to 2019, Trump stands at a decent handicap of 1.8.


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What are your thoughts on Trump’s cart parking? Let us know in the comments below.

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