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Probably the best influencer a sport has ever seen, Paige Spiranac is much famous for her glamorous presence on the internet. She was propelled to stardom after posting stunning pictures and videos of herself playing golf and also as a model. She also has been giving tips on how to play golf on her handles as well as on her OnlyPaige account. But as is the case in any field, there would be contenders vying for the top spot and it is true in this case as well with none other than the influencer Karin Hart aiming for it.

Hart, popularly known as Spiranac’s lookalike, has been on the rise as a golfing influencer much like the golf mommy. She has been able to captivate the hearts of many fans using her posts which exude her unique charm and style. But recently, an unexpected comment made by the budding star on Spiranac’s video has left the golfing community very surprised! Let’s find out more.

Karin Hart’s comments on Paige Spiranac’s video


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Paige has been dominating the social media world when it comes to the game of golf. She constantly keeps her followers intrigued and on the edge of their seats by sharing dazzling golf videos and pictures. But, ever since the emergence of Hart, the title of the crown of the queen of golf has been in much contention. But under a video posted by the 30-year-old, Karin Hart has gone ahead to accept Spiranac’s title as the queen of the game.

The recent video uploaded by the golf mommy shows her in a bold attire walking confidently toward the camera with her pink golf club. She captioned the video with a question, “What’s your lowest score? ⛳️🔥”. Encouraging her fans to answer the question, she started the comments by mentioning her lowest score, which is 63. The spectacular video, with the golfing stat, impressed her rival so much that she accepted her defeat and conceded the title of ‘Golf Queen’ to Spiranac.

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Spiranac had earlier posted a story on Instagram when she released her new golf clubs. She had even gone a step ahead to call them ‘pink shafts’ which drew in a huge response from her followers. Nevertheless, her innuendo with the golf club managed to capture many hearts.

Spiranac’s latest video makes waves on the internet

The influencer shared the spectacular video to show off her pink attire and new clubs to the golf world. She made sure to remind the community that she is as much a golfer as she is a model. By uploading the video and sharing her lowest score, she has managed to draw in a frenzy of reactions from her social media followers including Karin Hart. Her fans sent in an overwhelming number of comments, which mostly included compliments on her beauty and golf skills.

Karin Hart went ahead to comment,  revealing her lowest score in a funny way besides calling Spiranac the queen of the sport.


“The golf queen 😍⛳️💕”

Some fans went ahead to mention their lowest scores in the game. “-2 (70) happened last Friday!”

“74 twice! Such a great few rounds.”

“I’ve shot 5 under once in High School ⛳️🏌️‍♂️”


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There were some followers who mentioned how they have never played the sport. “Currently no low golf score yet.”

Some fans complimented her on her walk. “Great pop with that walk !! Looking amazing!!”

Some fans went ahead to sympathize with the golfer due to the many unwanted comments on her post while answering the question. “Girl, I don’t know how you handle your comment section. To answer your question, 82. 🫣 also, are those shoes G/Fore?! 😍”


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As the Instagram post went viral for her captivating beauty and charm, one can’t help but agree with Hart that Spiranac is the reigning queen of golf. What did you think of the new video? Let us know in the comments below.

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