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Augusta National doesn’t just feature some of the world’s top golfers; it also boasts captivating traditions. One of these traditions is the Masters Champions Dinner, which has been a continuous tradition for 72 years. It all started when Ben Hogan, the winner of the 1951 Masters, hosted the inaugural dinner in 1952.

Over the years, the Masters have seen numerous champions, and what adds to the intrigue is the dinner selection preferred by these champs. This exclusive dinner not only fosters a strong bond among the golfers but also serves as a unique tradition within the tournament. Although past champions are obligated to choose from the designated menu, Augusta National provides an alternative option for the pros. A full grill room is available, offering steak, chicken, and fish dishes for those who may prefer not to venture into the selections on the given menu.

The previous year’s winner is responsible for hosting and choosing the menu for what is considered the most exclusive dinner in golf. To receive an invitation to this dinner, the only condition is to win a green jacket. With that said, let’s delve into the top five Champions dinners of all time!


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The meal that Phil Mickelson organized in 2011

Ranking at No.5, Mickelson’s Spanish paella with Machado-topped filet mignon, accompanied by a salad, and apple empanada ice cream for dessert, carries a touching backstory. As a tribute to Seve Ballesteros, who was absent due to his battle with cancer, Mickelson expressed, “I just want him to know we all wish he was here and we are thinking about him,” before serving this heartfelt meal.

Sergio Garcia’s dinner held in 2018

Occupying the fourth position, Garcia’s menu boasted a personal, familial touch. It may lack extravagant or attention-grabbing ingredients, but the traditional Spanish lobster rice holds a special significance for Garcia and his family, serving as a meaningful connection. However, the sweetness of Angela Gracia’s Leches cake further enriches the overall appeal of the classic Spanish dish, making it perfect to enjoy while listening to the “stories” by pros.

Mark O’Meara’s preference from 1999

The top 3rd from the list is an interesting meal from the Mexican which is Sushi, tuna sashimi, chicken and steak fajitas. The Japanese type of meal met the eyes of Mexican golfer made it an interesting feat. The sole meal preceding O’Meara’s choices in the 20s undoubtedly stands out, making it a notable aspect among the other meals.

Hideki Matsuyama’s meal from 2022

The traditional dish from the Japanese pro claims the second spot. Featuring Miso glazed black cod and Miyazaki wagyu, it offers a taste of classic Japanese cuisine with a touch of Matsuyama’s personal flair. The Japanese Strawberry Shortcake with whipped cream serves as the ideal dessert to complete the classic Japanese meal.

Scottie Scheffler’s choice from 2023

Scottie Scheffler‘s meal, claiming the top spot just as he does on the field, stands out for its versatility. The unique aspect of the No. 1 meal is that it caters to everyone’s preferences. With the comforting taste of simple macaroni and cheese, Scheffler’s selection embodies the essence of a classic American dish. On top of that, the Warm Chocolate Chip Skillet cookie further enhances the American’s choices.

Following the top 5, there’s also a notable mention from Jon Rahm in 2024, featuring a distinct Spanish flavor that makes it noteworthy. It not only captures the attention of fans, but also resonates with Dustin Johnson. Despite Johnson’s limited familiarity with the dish, he expresses admiration for Rahm’s selections.


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Johnson said on Golf digest I have seen the menu, I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic,” Prior to LIV Miami, when discussing this, DJ appeared enthusiastic about giving it a try, at least once. The Ensalada de Txangurro, offering two main course options and a puff pastry cream dessert, embodies the essence of an exclusive Spanish dinner.

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The pro continued, “I don’t know what a lot of it is. I did know the [Ibericos] ham, obviously from playing in Spain last year. I ate a lot of the ham, so I know that’s going to be great.” While acknowledging his lack of familiarity with the dish, the golfer’s interest in Spanish cuisine was evident as DJ concluded with “I love Spanish food, I’m just not that familiar with it. But I can imagine it’s going to be great.” What are your impressions of this dish? Could it potentially be included on the list starting next year?

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