“The Misfits of Golf”: Paige Spiranac Opens Up Her Honest Feeling About the Much Discussed Topic in the Golf World

Published 02/23/2023, 4:30 AM EST

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The former professional golfer, Paige Spiranac, never fails to make her fans happy. She retired from the sport in 2016 but never went away from it. All her online content is about golf or other sports. She is ruling the internet world of golf with over 11 million followers across social media platforms. However, recently, she was surfing Reddit and found something that caught her eye immediately. The internet queen shared it with all her fans via an Instagram story. 

Why did Paige Spiranac prompt an interesting conversation?

It was her morning routine, and Spiranac was having her breakfast post-workout. She shared a video in her Instagram story explaining her experience with a golf community on Reddit. She revealed that she follows that community to understand everyone’s perspective on golf. Spiranac likes how people discuss everything in and around the sport and present their thoughts.


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But one particular statement caught her attention, as it was about her. One of the golf enthusiasts said that the former pro golfer “couldn’t pass it for the game of golf.” People presented their views “for and against,” the notion, like a debate. However, this discussion made her consider her role in the golf industry. She said, “I was thinking about it, and I feel like I am an ambassador for the misfits of golf.” She further explained, saying, “People who don’t feel quite comfortable at a country club, who don’t follow all of the golf norms, but they love the game of golf more than anything. And I feel like that’s what I do.”

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The 2018 SI swimsuit model believes that the game has no good or bad promotion. Anyone talking about the game of golf and discussing their views is reasonable. But obviously, Maxim’s 2022 sexiest woman wanted to know what her fans thought. Therefore, she said, “What do you guys think? I guess an interesting discussion.


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Does Spiranac care about her fans?

She has an empire of followers online, and their views matter. She takes note of every comment and stands up against all the criticism and trolling. However, she is like a genie too. Spiranac delivers what her fans want. For them only, she started a subscription-based site so that they could connect with her life closely. Therefore, their views on her being the ‘ambassador for the misfits‘ will hold value. And that is why she asked everyone’s opinion on it.


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Do you agree with the Reddit statement? Does Spiranac pass as the misfits of golf?



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