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‘They Can’t Ignore Me’: Glamorous Paige Spiranac Has a Classy Reply to Her Criticism

Published 06/06/2023, 6:38 AM EDT

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You are not familiar with golf at all if you haven’t heard of Paige Spiranac. Because of her, golf is no longer just limited to golf courses; it also has a solid following on social media. It is also no secret that she has established herself as the world’s most well-known golf influencer.

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With a distinctive fusion of golfing talent, glamour, and charisma, the former professional golfer currently leads social media with more than 3 million followers on Instagram, making her the most popular golf entity. She undoubtedly paved the way for other young ladies to share their golf experiences online with her pursuit and tenacity. And this time, Spiranac discusses what makes her keep going despite the challenges she occasionally faces.

Spiranac’s befitting reply to all her critics


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Spiranac is renowned for having a straightforward demeanor. She has no qualms about expressing her views in public. This occasionally gave her a lot of issues. Others even objectified her because of her content. However, the resilient Spiranac does not let the criticism deter her. The golf diva recently sat down with Golf Digest for an in-depth and revealing interview.

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Spiranac has endured a lot of criticism, but she has emerged stronger and silenced her critics. She claimed that rather than merely showing her body, she was pleased with the work that she produced through her perseverance and mental fortitude.


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Now that she has attained that platform, no one can dismiss her or minimize her influence. “It’s been powerful to walk into a room knowing the platform I’ve built and the influence I have, and it’s not just because of my body; it’s my brain, who I am as a person, the whole package. I never wanted to be an influencer. Now I’ve become so influential they can’t ignore me,”added Spiranac.

Spiranac is a very confident woman who also exudes a strong sense of self-assurance, and doesn’t let even the slightest criticism prevent her from engaging in what she loves.

Spiranac talks about her content

She also admitted during the interview that her content isn’t particularly offensive. She has the absolute freedom to create whatever and however she wants, provided that she is not engaging in any harmful or unlawful activity.


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If somebody feels uneasy while watching her, it’s not her fault: “What I produce is not that provocative. If my body makes someone uncomfortable, that’s not my problem. I’m not doing anything illegal. I’m not causing harm,” she said.

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She added that although people love to put women in boxes, they become upset when someone tries to open the box and do something different. Spiranac, though, is not someone who gives up quickly. Her incredible perseverance and self-assurance are what drive her forward. “Basically,” she says, setting down her fork and breaking into a gleaming smile, “my career has become a ‘F**k you’ to everyone.”


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