‘Thought You Were One Of Us’: Golf Fans Roast Loyalist Justin Thomas After His Witty Remark Over Latest Merger

Published 06/06/2023, 2:57 PM EDT

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In golf, loyalty is highly regarded, and fans have an unwavering devotion to their favorite players. So when PGA Tour star Justin Thomas, made a witty remark regarding the latest merger news, loyal fans couldn’t help but respond with a mix of humor and playful teasing.

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As the golfing community roasted Thomas for his remark, social media platforms became a battleground of banter and good-natured ribbing. Let’s dive into the amusing reactions from golf fans as they playfully questioned Thomas’ allegiance amidst the buzz of the merger.

Social media buzzes with playful teasing and speculation


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In a surprising turn of events, the PGA Tour and Saudi-backed rival LIV Golf have announced a merger, leading to a flurry of fan reactions and speculation. While golf enthusiasts were still processing this groundbreaking deal, another intriguing incident captured their attention.

Justin Thomas, took to Twitter and shared a video of his phone flooded with countless notifications, leaving fans curious and eager to express their thoughts.


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In the midst of the merger news, Justin Thomas caused a stir with a cryptic tweet. He shared a video of his phone screen overflowing with notifications and added the caption, “Was having quite the nice practice session this morning too.” The intriguing post immediately caught the attention of fans, who eagerly jumped into the conversation.

The agreement between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf signals the combination of their commercial businesses and rights into a new, yet-to-be-named for-profit company. This merger also encompasses the DP World Tour, commonly known as the PGA European Tour. The deal serves as a resolution to the ongoing antitrust lawsuits between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, as the entities seek to move forward together. With the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund backing LIV Golf and pledging substantial new capital, the future of golf appears set for significant changes.

Fans question Justin Thomas and his loyalty and seek hidden meanings amidst merger news

Social media erupted with a wide range of reactions to Thomas’ video. Some fans found the situation amusing, with one Twitter user exclaiming, “This is wild LOL.”

Others took a more serious tone, “don’t put anything in writing that could be used against you in an eventual legal proceeding with the Saudis after you and Tiger break off to start your own tour


Some cautioned Thomas, “It’s a life lesson you buck don’t trust corporate America. EVER!”

Some speculated about hidden meanings and future developments emerged, “Best of luck on the rest of your career- I hope to see you in the majors. Because I’ll never watch an event owned by MBS. PS- I’d avoid pissing ya’lls new boss off…ask the Khashoggis.”


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While some fans playfully welcomed Thomas to the LIV Golf family, “Welcome to LIV!!”


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Or made light-hearted remarks about his phone model and the military time display.

“I think the biggest shock of Today is finding out JT is still rocking the IPhone 4”

“Nobody understands the military clock”

“Always a huge fan and thought you were one of us, now the military time on your phone has me questioning that”

What are your thoughts on the sudden merger? Let us know in the comments below.



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