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‘Took it to the Bed’: Prankster Phil Mickelson Once Had an Embarrassing Yet Funny Story About the Famous Green Jacket

Published 01/05/2023, 12:58 PM EST

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The golf legend Phil Mickelson is known for his eclectic sense of style, often opting for bold patterns and bright colours on the course. In fact, some have even dubbed him the “sartorial wizard of the fairways.” But back in 2004, Phil made headlines for making a different type of fashion statement.

Mickelson wore the green jacket he won at the Masters on “Tonight Show With Jay Leno” at the NBC Burbank studios. It wasn’t his jacket that drew attention, but rather his statement, which was followed by Leno’s question. Phil is not only a legendary golfer but also a witty and humorous person.

A Fashion statement made by Phil Mickelson


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Days were brighter in Phil Mickelson’s life back in 2004.He has won his first major championship on the PGA Tour, and that too after thirteen long years of nonstop struggles. Phil was invited to appear on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” at the NBC studio after winning the championship on a Sunday. Phil arrived wearing the green jacket he won at the Masters.


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According to an article of Los Angeles Time, the host of the show, Leno, asked Phil, ” So can you wear that jacket anywhere?. To which Mickelson replied, “I’ve probably taken it places I shouldn’t have.


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Nobody knew what notorious things were going inside the head of Phil Mickelson. The confused host further question, “Like where?” Being his hilarious self, Phil made a statement, rather a fashion statement that rendered everybody speechless. He said, “[Wife] Amy and I took it to bed with us Sunday night.”

Phil Mickelson and his weird dressing sense


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Fashion has never really been a strong suit of Phil Mickelson’s. He is wildly known for his bizarre and irrelevant dressing sense. It will not be wrong to say he is a man with skills and no eye for clothes. One such incident when Mickelson’s fashion sense shook everyone was back in 2018 at the Masters tournament.

Mickelson came to the tournament dressed like a corporate employee. The shirt wasn’t bad but was irrelevant to the sport. There’s no denying why fans compared him to their coworkers. But the best thing about Mickelson is that he owns up to everything and is just so comfortable being himself. According to an article in Golf Digest, Mickelson said, “It’s remarkable to have a dress shirt I can wear from a meeting to the course.”

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