John Daly is a fun-loving golfer. While many tend to show their good mannerism on the course, he loves to have fun. From his clothes to his mannerism, Daly proved that one doesn’t need to be serious on the course to be the best.

In a professional tournament or other, most golfers wear a collared t-shirt and Docker-style shorts or slacks. And there are some golf courses, where they won’t let you play if you are not in the “proper” attire.

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However, Daly would choose not to play at such a course rather than changing his clothes. He always dresses in either bright colors or with random patterns on them.


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In an interview, Daly went miles ahead and chose to wear anything but jeans; he played golf and took part in the interview without any shirt and shoes on.

A one-on-one with Daly

John Daly was playing at his Monster Rock Golf Club when the interview took place. He just recovered from surgery and was looking to improve his game. 

Although the interviewer showed no problem with Daly being shirtless, he couldn’t help but point out the same soon after the interview began. But, John waived it off and answered, “it’s a nice sun and some good friends, and it’s good to be back here, see my course.”

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Soon after, the interviewer and Daly started a one-on-one game. The golf legend is not unfamiliar with playing with non-golfers. Even then, at the time of the interview, Daly was accompanied by the country singer Johnny Lee. 

Although the match was like any other, the viewer cannot get over the fact that the he was playing golf without any shirt or shoes and had a cigarette in his mouth. 

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What a sight to watch?

The rockstar – John Daly

When he was asked what it is like to be a rock star golfer, Daly chuckled and said, “I don’t know if I am a rockstar golf.”

The interviewer was indicating Daly’s music career here.


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Daly added that his game was affected badly due to his injuries. But now he is healthy. Although the interviewer didn’t say anything, Daly was quick enough to crack a joke. He said, “I mean. I may not look healthy, but don’t underestimate a fat man.” 

When he was asked whether if could choose between being a rockstar or golf, he replied, “Golf.” 


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With or without a shirt, John Daly is a golf legend. And as golf fans, we are glad he loves golf more than anything.