‘What a Horrible Swing’: Donald Trump’s Doral Outing Badly Backfires as Netizens Make Mincemeat of the Former POTUS

Published 12/31/2023, 2:52 AM EST

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Turns out, Donald Trump doesn’t enjoy the same popularity among golf fans as he does among pro golfers. From Jack Nicklaus to John Daly, Trump has found endorsement from the who’s who of the Golf World. However, when a recent clip of his outing at Trump Doral went viral, netizens didn’t show any kindness to the ex-president. The Trump-owned course, famously known as ‘Blue Monster’ has been a steady venue of LIV Golf.  

Originally shared by Chris Matan on Instagram and later reshared by Nuclr Golf, the clip captured Trump hitting a drive with thunderous claps from the audience. The former POTUS, soaking in all the praise, thought it a good opportunity to take a dig at the sitting president. The post was captioned: “Former President Donald Trump was out playing golf at @TrumpDoral today. After ripping a drive, he said “Do you think Biden could do that? I don’t think so!” Although his ‘Biden’ jibe evoked laughter among those present, netizens were not impressed.


However, fans pointed out that can hardly be called ‘ripping’ a drive. Although it’s not clear from the video how far the ball traveled, golf fans didn’t consider it a jaw-dropping drive worthy of praise. 

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A few months back, a video of Trump playing golf with Bryson DeChambeau and Yasir Al Rumayyan went viral on social media. Although both of them praised the ex-president, fans brutally thrashed Trump’s “ugly” swing. Notably, this was not the first time fans severely criticized the former POTUS for his odd swing.

Golf fans roast Trump

Netizens brutally slammed the 77-year-old for his comments. Moreover, they pointed out it was not a drive they would be very proud of flaunting. One user was seemingly tired of Donald Trump dragging the current president into this and wrote, “He says the same joke every time he hits a 50 yard drive. ?” Safe to say, they didn’t find this joke very amusing.

Although the post said Trump ripped a drive, this fan pointed out that the ‘ripping’  “Didn’t get to the fairway either,” as a drive brings a different picture into mind. Trump’s swing wasn’t close to it.

Another netizen didn’t find it amusing either. Pointing out that Donald Trump has done the same thing many times in the last few years, this user wrote “It’s an old, stale line….”

This user was aghast at the way the former POTUS swung his club for the drive and wrote: “What a horrible swing. Jesus.”

This is definitely not how Donald Trump wanted to end his year. However, it won’t perhaps touch on his reputation inside the pro golf world. What did you think about the former POTUS’s golfing skills? Let us know in the comments below. 

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