‘What the F**k’: Ryder Cup Disappoints Fans Tremendously as It Meets the Tragic Fate of the Solheim Cup

Published 09/29/2023, 4:00 AM EDT

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The first day of the prestigious Ryder Cup is finally underway, and the players are already on their toes as they get ready to take the battle to the next level. But when it comes to the fans, lucky are those who are present on the course at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club as they witness the event live in Rome.

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While Zach Johnson and his squad aim to pull off a win to break the 30-year-old curse, many have raised complaints about the event, or specifically with its coverage. One can’t help but imagine if the ongoing tournament would suffer a similar fate as the Solheim Cup!

Ryder Cup facing a similar issue as the Solheim Cup


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The entire golf world has been waiting for a long time for the ever-prestigious event to take place. For the average fan, who couldn’t make it to the course to see the action live, what awaited them was nothing short of a disappointing start. And now, loyal fans of the men’s competition have started to lash out against the same.

Live coverage of the Ryder Cup was split between NBC and USA Network. And, a tweet uploaded by a golf enthusiast, Tron Carter, saw him taking to his social media handle to bash the broadcast that was aired on the USA Network channel, dubbing it “NOT GOOD.” The fan complained how the telecast “already lost track of the first two matches” all the while they were “being waterboarded with commercials” and unnecessary stuff.


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Well, for those who watched the Solheim Cup on TV, this wouldn’t come off as a surprise since they suffered a similar situation throughout the course of the event. The viewers were unable to watch the show at their full capacity as many of the important moments were missed by the live coverage, along with the presence of unnecessary music in the background, thereby earning the wrath of the audience.

The community, who was in anticipation of the event, became very enraged and frustrated with the network and came out in full support of Carter. Even he wouldn’t have thought that his frustration-venting post would blow up on the internet!

Coverage vs. Commercials: The priority dilemma at the Ryder Cup

Many of the fans were unable to comprehend why the coverage of such an important competition was off to a bad start. The golf community responded with a frenzy of comments ranging from those of dissatisfaction to sarcastic ones that made fun of the commercials. Let us take a look at some of the responses.

People were extremely unhappy with the commercials being aired instead of covering the session, which takes place continuously without any break in Rome. Well, one enthusiast sarcastically mentioned the same in a humorous manner!

Well, the next person also pulled off a savage comment. Although the number of comments did not reach that high, his response indicates how fed up the enthusiast is with the unnecessary commercials that were being showcased.

People from all over the world stay up at night to watch the event. Well, the joke’s on them now since they lost their sleep for a good load of commercials. A sad joke, it seems.

One can understand the need for commercials to be shown. But, this time it came out to be too much. And, that is exactly what the next follower mentioned as he took to his handle to express his frustration regarding the same.

The first tee is an important part of any tournament. And, the coverage was disappointing to the extent that they missed the special moment. The next comment by a fan pointed out the same while indicating his hopes for the future, which are already down, mind you!

The coverage was bad even when there were only 2 matches being played at the start of the session. Well, one can guess what might happen when it increases to four over the session.


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Well, the fans can only give themselves up to fate now since many of them are dependent on the coverage to watch the Ryder Cup. And that is exactly what an enthusiast pointed out, albeit in a disappointed manner.


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Well, do you think that the coverage will get better over time? Share your thoughts below.

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