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‘What’s Going to Happen When He…’: Sexiest Woman Paige Spiranac Once Publicly Brought a Daunting Reality of Golf Without Tiger Woods in 2020

Published 12/29/2022, 9:30 AM EST

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Paige Spiranac is a golfer turned social media sensation. She is widely known for her unfiltered, outspoken attitude. In the year 2020, Ms. Spiranac expressed her concerns regarding the future of golf. Tiger Woods, because of his brilliance, has become synonymous with golf. People like and watch golf mostly to see him play, but what’s next? What is the future of golf after his retirement? These were some questions that Paige had left for the golfing world to brainstorm.

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Spiranac questions the future of golf

Paige Spiranac has never shied away from anything. She has time and again openly expressed her love, respect, and gratitude for the stunning Tiger Woods. When Tiger Woods’ career took a downturn, the whole golf community lost a number of viewers. The Tour Championship in 2018 brought back hope of his return to the sport. After years filled with on-course and off-course struggles, Woods earned his fifth jacket at the Masters that year.

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Ms. Spiranac had some insights to share regarding the same. In an episode of her podcast Playing a round with Paige Renee, she spoke on the resurgence of Tiger Woods in golf. “More people are now coming to tournaments and it’s picked it up again but what’s going to happen when he is done playing? Who are we going to want to watch on TV?” She was worried that only a few popular names associated with golf are carrying the sport on their shoulders, making its future bleak.


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According to Paige, the only solution would be to bring in some fresh faces and talents for the sport. “It comes down to the media or the sponsors, where golf is so conservative and buttoned up,” says Paige Spiranac while calling out the entire golf fraternity. Being an insider in the golf community, she expressed the mentality inherited by the players. According to an article in the Daily Star UK, she said, “They can never be comfortable letting their hair down and being who they actually are.”

Paige Spiranac: Playing golf in hungover


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Speaking on her podcast, Spiranac once said, “Nothing is worse than playing golf hungover. That is the absolute worst, a morning tee time after drinking.” Talking about her practice sessions and college days, Paige revealed, “I’ve never actually played tipsy or drunk but I have played a lot of rounds hungover the next day, especially in college.

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Recalling one such incident, Ms. Spiranac told her listeners a story about the time she forgot to pack her shirts, golf shoes, hats, and visors for her practice the next day. All because she went out the night before the tournament. She has lived a crazy life, but she still continues to live on her own terms. Paige has now become a social media celebrity with a following of 3.7 million. She regularly posts videos on golf and gives spice to her podcasts.


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