‘What’s the Ruling’: Rose Zhang’s PGA Tour Partner’s ‘Deadly Move’ Leaves Golf World Baffled

Published 12/07/2023, 9:28 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Accidental wonders sometimes happen in the golf world, leaving fans pondering and discussing the event. Oftentimes times such rare incidents make for interesting banter and engaging discussions. One such incident has now come online from the PGA Tour’s official social media handles. 

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Rose Zhang’s partner in the Grand Thornton Invitational recently experienced a rare occurrence that has left fans amused. The PGA Tour pro recently had some big wins and gained attention in the past few weeks. Now, let’s find out what the video is about and what kind of reactions it has generated. 

Zhang’s teammate experiences a rare moment on the golfing greens


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The incident involves the recent sensation Sahith Theegala, the title winner of Fortinet Championship 2023. He is currently playing the Grand Thornton Invitational with his LPGA Tour partner Rose Zhang. Mixed events are quite rare in the golf world, and this is a major event in that aspect. 

Meanwhile, the PGA Tour’s social media pages have now shared a video of Sahith Theegala’s rare golfing moment with the hashtag Tour Vault. In the video, Theegala shoots the ball to the green and it lands very close to the pole in the hole. 


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However, it doesn’t land on the ground; instead, it lands on another ball. The balls move with the impact of contact and then Theegala had to play his shot from where the ball stopped its movement. With his exceptional golfing skills, Theegala holed the ball in one shot.


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The rare and amusing moment generated some interesting reactions on both Instagram and Twitter. Fans delved into the possibilities and theories that they discussed in the comment section. The questions and the replies in the section made for some interesting reads. 

Instagram and Twitter users react to the rare collision on the greens

While the Instagram fans were debating theories and rules that apply to the situation, the Twitterati seemed confused about what happened in the video. 

One fan playfully touched upon a conspiracy theory of sorts, by claiming that golf balls are manipulated with magnets. “They didn’t turn the magnets off the first ball 🤦🏽‍♂️”

One curious soul wondered the fate of the other ball. “What’s the ruling on the other ball?” A reply suggested that the ball was “replaced to where it was before”

A disappointed fan claimed that the ball “Would’ve went in😳”

One fan appreciated Theegala’s display of match-play skill, “Deadly move in match play.”

A comparison with a fun, casual game came up seeing the two balls collide on the greens. A fan commented “Playing marbles 😂” addressing the collision. 

A Twitter user commented on the video and wrote “I don’t get it. Looks like it just landed on the green.” This question came up in another comment as well. Even though the collision between the balls was quite visible.

A reply to the question urged the questioner to “Watch the slow motion. The ball lands on another ball on the green, the second ball get shot towards the flagstick over the green.”


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Do you think Sahith Theegala would have holed the ball if not for the hurdle? Tell us in the comments. 

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