Who is LPGA Star Mel Reid’s Wife? All You Need to Know About Her and The Lovely Couple’s Marital Life

Published 06/24/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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The rising fame of the Women’s Golfing community has put many female golfers in the limelight. However, their spouses are just as important an aspect in the world of Golf as the players themselves. After all, it’s their partners that keep these esteemed golfers motivated and steady in the heat of the competition.

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One such incredible presence is that of Mel Reid’s wife Carly Reid, formerly a Grenfell. The English LPGA Golfer and her wife have been hitting milestones one after the other, so it is high time we get to know the woman who pushes Mel Reid to her best form.

When Mel met Carly


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Carly Grenfell has worked the PGA and LPGA circuit for years. As a content manager for the LPGA Tour’s social media, she has been embedded in the golfing world for quite dome time now. Therefore, it is no surprise that she went on to meet one of the most prestigious LPGA golfers on the tour.

The exact time frame of when Mel Reid started dating Carly Grenfell remains a mystery. The couple first decided to share their relationship on Carly’s Instagram back in March 2020.


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A post shared by Carly Reid (@carly__reid)

Since then, their romantic life took huge leaps toward their relationship milestones. The couple still managed to keep some parts of their private life away from media scrutiny, but there has certainly been a lot to celebrate since the time they met each other.

The British Golfer proposed to her girlfriend at nearly the end of December 2020.  Grenfell shared in her Instagram post that the tumultuous timing of the pandemic had taken her on quite a ride but the year ended well. She added, “Definitely the easiest YES of my life.”

Carly Reid’s progressive career

Even before she went from Grenfell to Reid, Carly has been on an amazing career trajectory. She started off as a social media intern for the LPGA Tour back in mid-2016. Due to her affiliation with the sporting world, she had an inept talent when it came to growing the LPGA Tour’s social handles. Not only did she contribute to the social posts but also wrote articles for the tour from time to time.

With the incredible experience under her name, Grenfell moved on to assist in the Athletics Communication division of Northern Arizona University. In her new role, she became a mediator between the athletes in women’s soccer and the media. She also assisted with communications between the reporters and public figures of both women’s and men’s Tennis.

Following a year and a half with NAU, Carly moved on to take up the role of coordinator for Women’s Basketball at Drake University. She pursued and learned about the field for a year, followed by a little over 2 and a half years at Swish Appeal. Her immersive experience with Women’s Basketball in her two former roles helped pave the path for her career at FanSided. There she made massive opinionated contributions to High Post Hoops.

After all her attributions with Women’s basketball and a short stint with tennis, Carly recognized her love for Golf and switched back to the PGA and LPGA Circuit. She began her journey as a content specialist for the PGA of America and was soon promoted to editor. She followed suit on her newfound career path and joined as a Content and Social Media Manager for the PGA Tour. After 2 years, working as their social liaison, alongside her wife Mel Reid playing for the LPGA, the Reids became a power couple in the golfing community.

In 2022, Carly Reid took up the role of Social Media and Public Relations Manager for Betterworks.

Carly’s Personal Life

Carly has been a social media content creator long before she joined the professional golfing community. Her Instagram profile reflects highly on her affiliation with the athletic world. As an active member of field and track, basketball, and softball events, Carly had her roots firmly garnered in the sporting community. She has carefully documented her time, especially on track and field for years.

Despite her dedication to her career, Carly has always been devoted to her family. Her Instagram handle is a testament to her love for those close to her, especially her sister Dana Grenfell. Carly often shared accomplishments and many holiday moments with her sibling, reflecting their deep bond and affection for each other.


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A post shared by Carly Reid (@carly__reid)

The PR connoisseur also demonstrated appreciation and love for her parents on her social handles, sharing precious memories and moments from their lives.

Growing up in Arizona, Carly has amassed quite a fan following with her constant presence on social media. Her devoted fans include PR tycoons and celebrities along with her colleagues and friends from her early life. They look forward to Carly’s incredible talents with the camera to share exquisite moments from her personal and professional accomplishments.

A wedding to remember

Following the romantic proposal in December 2020, Mel and Carly got hitched on the 22nd of April 2022. The couple shared many romantic captures from the auspicious day. “I am still coming down from the greatest wedding high of all time,” Carly shared on her Instagram.

The professional women’s golfer also raved about her delight over marrying the love of her life. “This day was my proudest yet. Calling this girl my wife is by far my greatest achievement.”

Many beloved golfers including Annika Sorenstam, Tania Tare, and Emma Talley commented with their felicitations on the couple’s big day.

Mel and Carly Reid tied the knot in Green Cove Springs, Florida, at the Clay Theatre. WOJ films added a special flare to the event with their spectacular cinematography.

The Reids venture into parenthood

There are many celebrity couples on the golf circuit who caddy for each other. Rory McIlroy‘s wife Erica Stoll, Scottie Scheffler‘s wife Meredith, and now, Mel Reid’s wife Carly, have taken the responsibility of supporting their spouses on the greens.

Carly recently shared on Twitter her detailed experience with her wife while she took the swings. She also said that she may not appear in 2024 in support of her wife, Mel. Although fans and media speculated that it may be because she didn’t have the greatest time, the couple’s recent announcement may be the primary factor affecting her decision.


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A post shared by Carly Reid (@carly__reid)


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After an adventurous journey together, the Reids have recently taken to social media and announced their first step towards the journey which is parenthood. Mel and Carly leaped towards the latest milestone in their private life with a sonogram and baby shoes on their Instagram. The Reids seem delighted to have a new addition to their little family coming soon.

In fact, LIV golfer Brooks Koepka, was one of the first people to congratulate the couple and support their decision of raising a child together.

Carly’s decision to abstain from joining her wife on the golf course next season, may stem from her desire to be there for their child. She is yet to confirm her decision, but either way, we know that her best wishes are always with Mel during all her career achievements.


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What do you think of the happy couple? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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